Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Arisaig lace

Coming along nicely, thank you very much! I am up to the sleeve shaping on the back, moving along at a reasonably quick pace for something that is such a fine gauge.

I have to say, I love knitting this pattern!

It took me a little while to get the hang of the instructions and the lace chart, but with the aid of stitch markers at each repeat and a trusty row counter, we are moving along without trouble. I had one hairy moment, when discovering an error row (6 rows back, mind you? Note to self, you can't watch tennis and knit lace late at night - you are not that proficient!), but thankfully managed to rip it back without losing any yarnovers.

I have also been doing a bit of re-stocking of the bookcase.

This came home with me the other night...

not usually a fan of celebrity books, but I love this one. Not really about the celebrity, I suppose!

Knit 2 Together, Tracey Ullman & Mel Clarke

and these are on order, due early Feb...

I've been eyeing this off for a while, finally took the plunge...

Junior Knits, Debbie Bliss

and this one is to stop the open-mouthed look of horror that appears when I mention that I have never read any EZ patterns, or advice!!!
Knitting without Tears, Elizabeth Zimmerman
So much for trying to implement some savings...
oh well!


Lolly said...

Knit 2 Together is a *fabulous* book! I really like the patterns in there too ;)

The lace you are working on is really beautiful!

Rebecca said...

The lace is looking gorgeous! I think I'm going to bite the bullet and buy another book - Victorian Lace Today. Just so many beautiful lace projects (not that I don't have enough projects going at the moment)!

jacqui said...

Your lace is looking gorgeous!