Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Who says you can't teach an old dog tricks?

Well, after much frustration, and lots of searching for help, I think I've almost got the swing of the new template edit function at Blogger! I still can't manage to get link buttons into my side-bar, but I'm hopeful that I will achieve this too after I read through the info I've downloaded!

What's everyone else up to? Lots of projects on the go? Now that I've finished 2 (see below) of my WIP's, I'm looking for replacements! Being relatively cash-poor this month (who isn't?), I went to the stash and dug out 16 balls of cashmere/lambswool blend that I found at my local op-shop last year. I've toyed with a few ideas for this yarn over the months, but just have never quite found the right one. I think because it was such a bargain -$16 the lot - and because I had a bit of an idea of what it was really worth, I now feel pressured to make "something-really-special" and not waste it.
My latest incarnation for it is this - Arsaig. I had started this lovely lace wrap cardigan a couple of years ago, but got lost in the chart. Now that I've finally learnt to read lace charts, I think I'll have another go! So, onto the list it goes...

And while I was in the stash pile, I found these lovelies, shamefully long since forgotten. Sourced at a local craft market, they were brought home and carefully stored for a later date. They will be next on my list...

5-ply Merino hand-paint - baby jacket?

Fluffy Angora Rabbit hand-paint - hat?

And speaking of finished works (were we?), here is BG's Raspberry Bolero...

Relatively simple eyelet pattern, using Sirdar Luxury DK cotton and 3.75mm needles. Won't be in a hurry to knit with this yarn again - very loosely plied, it felt like knitting with a skein of unravelled embroidery cotton! Still, I'm moderately pleased with the result, and I'm sure cotton will be much more comfortable for BG to wear over her little sundresses!

The Girl is off visiting her Dad for the next couple of weeks, so no photo op's of her wearing the newly finished garment, but I'm sure she'll oblige upon her return! (hates a camera!)

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Rebecca said...

Oooh, I really love the Arsaig cardigan! (Just another one to add to my list). Hope it's not too hot for knitting in Melbourne at the moment!