Friday, January 12, 2007

yeah, I'm an idiot...

I was playing around with bloggers templates and actually saved the changes, meaning I've lost all my links. Not being the most technologically-minded gal, it may very well take me a while to get them back - most of them were there by sheer luck as it was!


on the upside, I do like the new layout (I think?)


Katie said...

Don't you hate that!

There's a new bloggers forum, Bloggers Paradise that might be able to help you get back to where you were. It's just starting out but the forum owner is really helpful & friendly, she helped me get a ring code to show up properly on my blog.

Katie said...

Looks like it cut off the end of the address, the last bit should be:


kgirl said...

Thanks Katie, I'll look into that one too!