Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bugger diets, Mama need a fix!

So, I tried the whole yarn stash diet thing, for, oh, I don't know, FOUR WEEKS! And here's a shock:

It sucked.

I have decided that while my yarn collection, as it shall now be known, could quite possibly last me through a life sentence, I am not going to be bound by it!

I LIKE adding to it.

I LIKE cultivating it.

Hell, I even like ORGANISING it!

Here's my latest bag of happy:

Passionfruit Merino 4-ply and Berry Bliss (which is what I'm in) 2-ply, and some addi's, from The Knittery.

Passionfruit is going to be Monkey, and Berry Bliss is going to be a Candle Flame shawl.

I am content once more.


Rebecca said...

I checked out the Knittery website and I've got to say - I'm in love. I've started keeping a look out for good aussie websites and yarn stores for when we return home later in the year. I'll definitely be adding this one to my list!

kgirl said...

Rebecca, check out Live2Knit too - she's got some great luxury yarns like {{*cashmere*}} and silk lace weight! Hope you're looking forward to coming back to OZ!

chocolatetrudi said...

Cute hoodie!

I figure there's no point anyone trying to knit from their stash unless they enjoy it. Call me a freak... I'm actually enjoying it. But if I get to the point where I'm not (nine months is a looong time) you can be sure I'll throw the whole idea out the window.

Love those Knittery yarns - I have both colourways in sock yarn. Mmmmm.

kgirl said...

Glad you're enjoying your stash - I really thought I would love it too...oh well! Look forward to seeing what you come up with from your "collection"!!!!

Susan said...

Love the way you think about your stash! Agree that abstinence is a recipe for misery. Nice yarn too.