Sunday, February 11, 2007

down at the farm

We've just had the most lovely day at the farm, the Babygirl, the Beloved and I! Down our way, there is a farm that opens 364 days a year to the public, and for the grand fee of $16, we all got to spend as long as we liked roaming their paddocks and sheds.

Very little is off limits, people can feel free to enter sheds and pick up chooks, play with goats and calves, have a pony ride, then hop on the hay cart being pulled along by the tractor for a quick lap of the property!

There were piglets squealing with delight/fear?, some pale pink, some spotty black and tan. Having not long ago seen Charlotte's Web, of course we looked for the "radiant" web! (and nearly found it, we think!) I had to drag my little kid and my big kid away finally, when it became apparent we were the last ones there, and the farmer started to look like he might be wanting his dinner!

The place was full, despite the blustery weather we had today, and it was so lovely to watch groups of children running around, no fear, feeding and petting animals. There seemed a buzz in the air around their little souls that was so captivating and invigorating!

We are now all freshly washed, hair clean and gleaming, little bodies weary, yet content after our day, so now off to bed to dream of milking goats and chasing chooks...

Not much knitting to show this weekend - I have finished my oatmeal baby hoodie's sleeves and back, but not really much to look at as far as an image, so I will wait until it is complete to share it with you all. Can't seem to get the leaf border of my Woodland Faerie Jacket sewn on as well as I would like, so may need to revise that one? Hmmm, thinking caps on...

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