Tuesday, February 06, 2007

new works

A gorgeous girl I work with, who has now become more a dear friend than work colleague, is about to go on Maternity Leave for her second baby. I, naturally, have been searching for the perfect pattern to make her new little poppet a cardigan.
She knows she's having a boy, but she has an aversion to pastels and babybaby styles, so pale blue matinee's were right off the list! (as if, anyway!) We had a few discussions (hoods: yes; stripes: no. Oatmeal would be a good colour? Yes!)
After searching high and low, I was at a loss. Nothing jumped out and said: "Hello!" to me.


Yesterday, (and I don't know how I stumbled across it), I found a reference to a Sirdar baby patten on a blog I've never visited before, and IT WAS THE ONE! A quick dash to the my LYS sourced the pattern, and an even quicker change of yarn choice (original yarn is Sirdar Snuggly, a nylon/acrylic - we don't do that), and here I am, cast on and clicking away! So, thanks
Knitter Sue! You'll probably never know how much you've helped, but I feel the need to put it out there!

I'm making the cardigan version, in two shades of oatmeal.

I seem to be doing a lot of junior knitting at the moment - it does seems to come in waves...

My sort-of-sister-in-law (it's complicated, I kept her as part of my divorce settlement!) is due to have her second child in a few months, and there is something in the works for that little spud too. Can't post here however, that one needs to be kept a surprise! I can tell you it's red, though!

And my last baby knitting has been for the upcoming Red Hill Agricultural Show. I've used my handpainted merino, from the Mornington Market, and am quite pleased to say that this is almost my own design! I still need to develop my math skills when working out raglan shaping, so had to combine a few patterns I had to get the sleeves right, but the overall concept is mine! Because it's going to be judged, I have been pedantic about the finish, and the detail, ripping back anything I'm not 100% happy with, re-working hemlines, adding facings, oh my goodness, THE PRESSURE!

The border is a modification of a leaf border I found in "Harmony guide to Knitting Stitches", a book I found at my local op-shop years ago. Once it's blocked, I need to sew it onto the main body of the cardigan. I tried a few times to pick up the body stitches along the edge of the leaf border, but it just never seemed neat enough. I just hope I can sew it on properly...

And before anyone feels the need to point out that I seem to have a few more than my self-imposed limit of 3 WIP's at any given time, well, do you all know how hard that is???! I am making an exception for required baby knitting, because those little suckers can't wait, y'know what I mean? I promise that once I finish those, I'll be back on track, OK?


Carson said...

I wonder if Sirdar does a grown up version of that hoodie? I want one.

Rebecca said...

I think you also get an exception given that baby knits are quick! Gorgeous patterns!

Susan said...

Thanks for the kind comments you left on my blog. Much appreciated :)

Really like Sirdar patterns - they do some nice things for boys (I'm noticing that it's much easier to find interesting things for girls than boys).

Glad that you are also knitting for the Red Hill Show. It's a lot of fun! I did it last year for the first time - it's a really good community event with a friendly feel.