Monday, February 19, 2007


Apparently I've been tagged.

Wouldn't you think looking for new digs would pre-occupy a person?

Thanks Carson!

Six weird things about me

  1. I like picking the fluff out of the little creases between babies fingers - the way it just peels out is so satisfying that I find it hard to resist, even on other people's children, and I have been known to surreptisiously do it without the parents knowing!

  2. I am afraid of irons, even cold ones, just in case they somehow burn me.

  3. I can't put my hand/arm out an open window after dark, because I'm positive the axe-wielding murderer that lives in my garden will reach up and grabs my wrist.

  4. I like the smell of dogs ears - so warm and mooshy smelling, mmmm!

  5. I leave cupboard doors open without realising, so I can leave the kitchen and return to something that looks like a poltergeist-horror movie.

  6. From large heights, I have a strong compulsion to step off the edge, closely combatted by the fear that if I stand too close to the edge of a cliff, it will crumble beneath my feet and I will plummet to my death.

ok, that'll do... Hopefully there is no one recoiling from their screen thinking "She likes to do what to other people's babies?!!"

Now, who's next???

That would be you, Rebecca, of Albequeque!

1 comment:

Carson said...

They're pretty weird! ;)
And it's true that I am pre-occupied with finding digs..
But not so preoccupied that I can't be distracted!
Obviously..or I wouldn't be here leaving this comment
Hey ho..back to work