Saturday, March 03, 2007

boots and all

I've been having a bit of time away from the computer screen this last week (or has it been two?), in case you haven't noticed. No particular reason, other than it seemed right, and there were lots of other things going on that needed my full attention.

But, here I am, back again!

It has been a fairly intense time at work of late, and last week was full on. As a treat, I bought myself a CD last week during a very rushed lunchbreak. Those who know me know that this is a BIG deal in my house, as even though I love music like a second child, there is not often enough cash left over at the end of each month to facilitate purchasing everything that comes out. As such, I am very selective about my music choice, not wanting to "waste" those few precious buys on something that will not stand the test of time in my collection.

I've had my eye (ears?) on this one for a while, after hearing "Sweet Side" played on 3RRR over the years.

Lucinda Williams: Live @ the Fillmore (2005)

2 cd set, 22 songs.

Makes me want to pull on my boots and head out to a bar to spend the night drinking beer and bad scotch, listen to loud, great music and have intense conversations with strangers.

Care to join me?


Susan said...

Don't know about the bad scotch, but I would kill for a glass of champagne! Know what you mean about buying music - most of my recent purchases have been from the $10 disk shop in Collins Place. The limitation is that they are back catalogue rather than new release. Oh well, if it's a choice between yarn and CDs I know what wins.

jacqui said...

I do love that Lucinda. I just got her new album - West - and boy, it's a good one. Quite emotional, about the death of her mum. I'll put that double cd on my 'to get' list!

kgirl said...

I've been waiting to hear a few more reviews from others about "West", so thanks Jacqui, think I might add that to my long "to buy" list!

Rebecca said...

Glad you're back! I know what you mean about getting away from the computer though. I'm in front of the computer all week and love my time off on the weekend (although that's when I should be emailing family & friends back home)!