Wednesday, March 28, 2007

nana's everywhere

Thanks a bunch on all your kind congratulations on my humble success at the Show - you guys are so loverly!

I have now been crowned the queen of the Nana's by most of my nearest and dearest, for not only winning 1st place in a Agricultural Show for knitting, but for winning it for a tea cosy.

One heavily pierced, richly tattooed arty friend of mine has barely stopped laughing long enough to breathe! He remembers when we used to play at the now de-funct Punters' Club, and is having a leettle trouble reconciling past & present! But, hey, I remember him before he learned who Dora the Explorer was! The pendulum swings both ways buddy!

patience, my friends. One day you will need a knitted tea cosy, and we all know who you will come crawling to... (hee hee)
The photo above is my quiet little contribution to Carson's vessel Wednesday. It's a small cermaic dish that my Nana used to put out on the breakfast table when I stayed over night at her house as a small child. She used to pop a little honey in it, just enough for my toast - ahh!
So on this Wednesday night, weary from another long working day, I am thinking "Here's to sweet memories of childhood and a loving Nana that never thought going to that little extra effort for a child was a bother!" (and here's to tea cosies!...and old punk friends...but not Dora the Explorer - that little Spanish miss drives me insane!)

p.s. second Sugar Shack sock is nearly done! yay!! Photos to come...


Rebecca said...

What is the deal with nanas and honey? My nana used to make the best toast with honey. Nobody else I know can make it the same!

chocolatetrudi said...

Pretty dish! I bet your nana did that to prevent you getting toast crumbs in the honey jar!

Ah, the wisdom of nanas.

Rose Red said...

wear your nana-ness with pride, I say!

Carson said...

Heehee, well put about reconciling former and present selves.
I can definately relate; there's quite a few years between me sneaking in underage to the Trade Union Club and me fretting over a kitchener stitch!
Love the honey vessel, how amazing that you've still got it. Are you gonna post it to vessel wednesday?

Thanks for your comment too by the way. Yes, it was a bit appaling.

Michelle said...

Beautiful honey vessel, and well-won with the tea cozy. (I believe every knitter should make at least one tea cozy. Mine incorporates lyrics by Tori Amos, in intarsia. I am not much of a traditionalist).

I have fond memories of honey toast with my nana as well. Seems to be quite common!

Susan said...

When I saw tea cosies being sold at the Richmond Hill Larder I knew they'd become the latest 'thing'! Great dish!