Monday, March 26, 2007

Next in line, please.

You may recall Beloved gave me two skeins of Live2Knit sock wool in the deliciously named "Choc Cherry" colourway for Christmas? Last week I was rummaging through the stash/collection and he asked, "Have you done anything with that wool I got you yet?" (at this point imagine a slightly wounded tone to the voice, and sad was truly Logie-worthy!)
I decided not to embark on a long discussion about "The Queue", and how some yarn had been languishing in "The Queue" for over 36 months. Instead I brightly said, "It's next on my needles, darling! How did you guess?"

Harmony restored.

While I was waiting to be collected and taken to the Show on the weekend, I decided I better cast on before he called my bluff!

I wanted a simple pattern to show of the subtle coulours, but nothing so plain that it would turn my mind to goo! Eventually I found Maple Sugar Socks. I elected to delete the maple leaf band at the top, instead working the leg in garter stitch rib.

Verdict: I love the outcome!

It's nice to be working in the round again, and I am flying through the first sock! I hope to have them completed by the end of the week, which, for those of you who are familiar with my sock knitting (think back to Socktoberfest!), it quite the accomplishment for me!

The wool is actually classified as a "mis-dye", I think it was the test run on a new colourway? The one now in stock with this title is much richer in hue, more like a Cherry Ripe. I love both versions, but the one I have is just so sweet and soft - subtle pale pinks, olive green, red-browns - these socks are destined to become favourites!


Susan said...

Choc cherry / Cherry Ripe - pretty delicious! Socks look great. Haven't done socks for nearly 12 months - think I have withdrawal symptoms.

Re Shows - the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show also has a pretty fab knitting display. Getting the entries there and picking them up again is the problem!

Meant to say in my last lot of comments that I really loved your cardigan - thought the edging was really creative.

Katie said...

They are looking great, I can't wait to see them in person!


Aaaah, thanks for posting about this yarn. I've been thinking about the Cherry Ripe for a while now. Your socks are beautiful.

Carson said...

Congratulations on the winner cozy! You knit champ you
You'll be doing a marble cake next I'll wager ;) (have you been watching the CWA show "Not just tea & scones" on ABC?)
The socks are looking gorgeous too ..nothing like a bit of emotional blackmail to make us get a bit of a wriggle-on