Tuesday, June 12, 2007

many happy returns to the Queen...

Because of the long weekend (and the fact that I did not have to work a public holiday in retail Hell - very rare!) there has been some substantial progress on my knitting this weekend, with another three pieces nearing completion!


I have made some progress on re-kindling the love for my Phildar Swing Jacket, now that the pieces are all joined together... I still need to find the perfect binding to finish it, but after seeing what's been used over at the KAL, I've been given many more ideas. I'm rather fond of this finished one - very springtime green!

It's probably a bit more cropped and shorter-of-sleeve than I would have liked, but one has to go with the flow sometimes and accept changes to expectations. My biggest problem is that I always have this strong visual in my head of what I think something is going to look like and I am so often disappointed by way of my own outrageously high expectations.

I have no photos, because it is very difficult to photograph oneself, at night, in a dark charcoal grey

or at least to photograph oneself well, that is. It's not that I'm vain, but there are some things a gal doesn't need to do to herself when in an already fragile mood, you know what I mean??


I recently made a pair of cardigans for my friend's gorgeous twins, but I severely underestimated the sizing on one, so poor little miss has been cardigan-less while her brother no doubt flaunts his knitterly gift in her face - bad psuedo auntie that I am!

I have been furiously knitting away to repair the mistake and am ready to sew up tonight!

It's from a borrowed book, Knitting for Baby, by Melanie Falick & Kristen Nicholas, but it is just your pretty standard garter stitch baby cardigan in machine-wash 8ply. I'm quite pleased with the colour combination, considering it was all stash wool, and it should suit it's intended little Miss, who has the most gorgeous head of red hair.


The Nocturnal (aka Monkey) socks are so close to being finished that I'm hesitant to even mention their existence, lest I curse them! But here goes nothing...

you see the sea's waves, yes?

I don't know why it's b + w, other than it being night time here(not great for photography in my house of dim lighting) and you know, I call them "Nocturnal", hmm, you see, do you not?

and of course, everything looks cooler in b + w...

I know many other's have commented on this pattern, but it is really a great pattern to knit up if you're looking for something that looks impressive, but is really rather easy. I managed to memorise the lace repeats by the foot of the first sock, and being only an 11-row repeat, it knits up quickly once you get stuck into it.

Just as well, because I have earmarked some other Knittery wool (see sidebar for shopping link) for a pair of my own! My version will be in the passionfruit colourway; merino, but not with cashmere.

Speaking of sock wool, I was lured by those wool-pimps, Lime 'n' Violet to the Loopy Ewe, and next thing I know, I'm getting a shipping advice from Sheri for this!

How pretty is it??? Cherry Tree Hill - JAVA. Supersock merino.

Someone asked my to describe the colour because I was drooloing about it over dinner the other night, and I said it's like you imagine a rainbow-dyed skein of wool that someone has left sitting in a pool of coffee, and it's been over-dyed a rich chocolate brown, but you can still see the rainbow peeking out from beneath!

yup, eyes glazed over. Not wool people, friends.

But I know you will all get it!


knititch said...

oh wow knitting away to the abattoir blues wow. too bad you live in melbourne. i am amazed that my music list on my blog has caused many a knitter to confess that they too love to knit away to nick cave or tom waits.

Rebecca said...

Wow, you have been busy! Hang in there with the Swing jacket - I can't wait to see the finished product!

Rose Red said...

I bought some of that Cherry Tree Hill Java - it is divine, divine! And your photo of Monkey may have finally convinced me to knit it (in a nice charcoaly grey). And baby jacket looks great - love those colours!

jacqui said...

Loving those charcoals. Looking forward to a snazzy shot of the Swing. I hear you on that CTH!

Carson said...

the fragile mood..yes I know exactly what you mean there!

The baby cardigan is looking pretty adorable..way to use up the stash!

Those socks look fab in B/W! If only one could arrange for the world to be in B/W while wearing them.

I sooo know that glazed over look...usually when someone's made the fatal mistake of asking after Scout's health...and they're not really dog people...oooh yeah that is a fast + profound glaze-over.

knititch said...

your knitting is lovely. i think the baby sweater is adorable. and now i read your list of music. i went to gigs with martha w, wilco,bob d, and nick cave. i even travelled to ireland to see nick and saw him here in copenhagen (the aussie crown princess' choice for a gala). and i think i own all lucindas cds. so think of me when you knit.