Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Rowena is coming along very nicely, but is a little un-photogenic at present! I'm nearly up to the underarms of the back, and can I tell you, 15" in 5-ply on 3.75mm is a lotta knitting!

I'm planning a train trip to the city (about an hour both ways from my place), so I'm sure to get a lot more accomplished today.

Yesterday was a real mooch around at home day - curled up on the couch, cheap weekly DVD's, etc - I'm sure you get the picture! I had a hankering for a small project, one that could be all but finished by the end of the night...


Neat little pattern, one I'm sure everyone knows, from Knitty. I used one ball of stash wool (8ply, unbanded, prob Big W?) and used all but 30cm of it.

I'm so happy with them, I made the Man look at them on my fetching hands every 2 minutes or so, by discreetly and subtly moving them in his face, hee hee!

I'm drawn to red at the moment, I expect in a reaction to the sea of grey I see everywhere I look in Melbourne at the moment - not just the weather, but the fashions, the homewares, the appliances...

I love grey in all it's shades, particularly when it releases a glimpse of lilac, or blue lying underneath, but I especially love it with a deep rich blue-based red accent.

My baby girl seems to have inherited this little fetish, and has taken these school holidays to dressing top-to-toe in vermilion - lovely!

In other news, the ladees over at 62 cherry and nikkishell have put together a new 'zine, and I've made a small contribution to the first edition! It's about making time for the little things in life, and all that that entails. Go over to mixtapezine and check it out.

I also met up with Katie over the weekend and caught up on her news (published pattern in Yarn, no less!) It's so nice to spend a few hours with someone else who has this love of knitting, to share ideas and offer advice - I always come away from our catch-ups having learnt something new. Thanks for sharing your knitty knowledge, Katie!

Now I'd better scoot - those trains don't run so often after 9am!

Happy week everyone - stay warm and dry!


Live 2 Knit said...

Thanks, I had a great time too, looking forward to catching up again soon!

I must say I'm a sucker for red in every shade.

Rose Red said...

As you'd know, I too am a sucker for red - especially as an antidote to the grey and black which is all you see in Sydney in winter too! Love the red fetchings.

Rebecca said...

Your red fetchings look great! I'm sure they will help to lift the mood in chilly Melbourne at the moment!

2paw said...

The red Fetchings look beautiful!! How lovely for you and Katie to meet up!! I saw Katie's scarf in the magazine and then she was wearing it on her blog the other day with Lucy!!!

Madge said...

Fetching Fetchings! Oh so original, I know, but they do look lovely.

(and I do believe I'm the last person in blogland who hasn't made a pair...though they're in the queue)

Red, it's a mighty fine color.