Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rowena cardigan

Swatched last night and got perfect gauge, so cast on the back and have got through the gathered hem - now onto 15" of stocking stitch in (gulp) 5ply!
For those who don't know the pattern, it's from Knit2Together (Mel Clark & Tracey Ullman), using Bendigo Classic in 5ply.
Not yet sure on the ribbon at the neckline - any other suggestions?


Rose Red said...

I actually quite like the ribbon - although I can see why it isn't everyone's cup of tea! But I particularly love the colour!

Rebecca said...

Too cute. I don't mind the ribbon but maybe not quite so long and floppy. A black ribbon would look great with that gorgeous red!

Janette said...

mmm that's a nice knit. Love the colour too.

Michelle said...

A beautiful colour! I quite like the ribbon, too- but if it's not your thing, you could think about an extra button, hook-and-eyes or some sort of clasp to close the neckline.

gracia said...

Any suggestions? Hmm... given a scarf in garter stitch is a complicated thing for me (all furrowed brows twisted together as I concentrate) I'm probably not the one to ask. Okay, lets see... how about a piece of white cord, ala a sailor holding up his long pants. Rope or cord is allot less dainty than a satin ribbon. Either that or a big vintage button.
Happy creating... g xo