Tuesday, August 14, 2007

so close

I finished the second sleeve of my Rowena cardigan last night, leaving only the seaming, front bands and the neckband to go. I'm almost done!

what's that, dear pattern? yes, yes, I know; pick up 165 sts around neck edge, yes, no problem; then knit front and back into every stitch for a total of...328sts.


knit 11 rows, then a fold line, then knit some 8 more rows...


yes, I see. Maybe not a close as I thought.
Perhaps that vision of me skipping fetchingly into work tomorrow in my fabulously quirky little cardigan will not be coming to a reality near me anytime this week.

Curse pattern books that can talk. Ruins all my fun.


Carson said...

couldn't you skip fetchingly into work wearing something else?

thanks for the getwellsoon :)

did you change from kgirl to missyK?
as in Missy Elliot?
Or am I just totally behind the 8-ball

yours sincerely,
confused in sydney

missyK said...

the name change coincided with the set up of another blog and i didn't *click* that of course it would change my name on this blog too - not the brightest!

thinking of changing it back tho'

Madge said...

So, so close to sweater cuteness!