Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gentleman, puh'leez!

No gentlemen here, and to appropriate a line from poppalina, no ladies either for that matter!

Latest socks for SSS - Gentleman's Fancy Socks, from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks.

I'd been wary of starting these because they are written as men's socks, and knitted on 2mm needles, but a quick search on Ravelry found me the modifications I required.
I couldn't be happier with the results thus far.
The Knittery's 4ply Merino, Passionfruit, and my new Clover bamboo dpn's = perfect match.


Donna (Random Knits) said...

I'm a big fan of clover dpns, too!

Random Knits

Rose Red said...

Love love love this sock and this yarn!!

gracia said...

Gentleman's Fancy Socks?! Sounds fancy to me. It sounded even fancier when I initially read it as "German Fancy Socks"... think it's time to slip my glasses on. Gentleman or a German, they sound and look great to me.
see you, g xo
(Can't wait to see your car zine contribution... super excited about that, too.)

Madge said...

Fancy schmancy socks. Mmmm.

Ravelry is so cool. I want to marry it.

amber said...

these socks are next up for me :) yours looks awesome!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! The tiny needles have put me off making this one too, but looking at your sock is starting to sway me.

Laurie said...

argghh! That's right! I forget to look on Ravelry for help with this same sort of issue! Thanks! The socks look great thus far.