Sunday, October 14, 2007

this love affair will never die

I don't care about the thinning hair, or even the moustache - the guy still knows how to move his hips across a stage!

Opened hard and fast with Grinderman, a full set; left for a brief while and returned to pour out his heart as only he can. Some oldies came out - Mercy Seat, Ship Song, Deanna, plus a few from Lyre of Orpheus and Abattoir blues. After 3 hours, they left the stage. Not bad for someone we all thought wouldn't reach 30.

He's my one and only, I love him so.


Madge said...

Shiny, that's what he is. In a dark, tragically doomed romantic way, of course.

All hail old Saint Nick.

mixtapezine said...

ah you groupie! love it!!

knititch said...

oh he can set my heart on fire. every time. one hand on my round ripe heart....
and it goes for warren too, and it went for blixa as well.