Tuesday, November 06, 2007

baby love

my beautiful friends, Jewls and Steve, have just welcomed the arrival of their first baby, a daughter - Miss India.

I've been waiting to hear whether we had a pink one or a blue one before knitting, but what do you know? I suddenly got all traditional and nostalgic and stayed with white.

It's their first of what they hope to be many babies, so I figure they can use it on the next one, either way... (and there's plenty of time for that vibrant purple/green colourway I've got in my stash!) My girl and I even got so excited at the news as to feel compelled to make cupcakes in her honour.

The cardigan pattern is pretty much my own - I used the stitch count from a vintage pattern I have, but has a very elaborate lace stitch pattern which I knew was not what I wanted for this piece. From that starting point, I really just winged it.

I picked up the sleeve stitches from the shoulder and knitted them down so I wouldn't have to sew them in, which I feel is neater and less likely to irritate a newborn. I modified the neckline and used a picot crochet edging rather than the garter stitch one in the original, and added a moss stitch border at the hem and cuffs. There are buttons on both sides for the closures, with buttonhole-stitch loops.

It's made in Bendigo 4ply Cotton, which I'm pleased to say is lovely to knit with, much more pleasant than some other cottons I've worked with.

This woman is one of the few I call my closest friends, and through her I have had the privilege of knowing a great man, her partner Steve, with whom I've seen her blossom and truly love.

I couldn't be happier for them both - India's been a bit of a long time coming, and she will be the most cherished little girl, not only by her parents but all the extended family and friends who love them.

Now I'm off on the 2-and-a-half hour drive to meet the little poppet, and my heart is full of joy.


Carson said...

That is some beautiful 'winging it' K :)
And the cupcakes...oh it's all so lovely

kgirl said...

thank you ma'am, you're very kind!

cher said...

what a gorgeous project! i wish i could just whip-up something like that, and such sweetie-pie cupcakes. i really love her name too!

Madge said...

Lovely wee sweater you've designed for your good friends and their baby! Heirloom for sure.

And that cupcake photo is great. Pink sprinkles - yay!

Hope you had a wonderful visit.