Sunday, November 04, 2007

Craftmas and my girl

oh Lordy, I think I've created a monster!

First weekend in November is the traditional time to start one's Christmas decorations, don't you know? (no, neither did I!)

I only have myself to blame - I walked past a 100 sheet pack of Christmas craft paper and made the mistake of commenting within her earshot on how pretty that would be as garland...

and here we are! (this is only one of four lengths made today)

Apparently it is to be hung tonight, because after all, it is just-one-month-away-from-the-month-that- includes-Christmas.

How can you protest when she presents an argument like that? You can't, you just have to jump on board that train with your scissors and glue stick in hand!

What I'm now worried about is how far she'll take this decorating lark in the 8 or so weeks before the day? We've also made lanterns and snowflakes, and from the glint in her eyes, I can clearly see the creative cogs turning.

Wish me luck...


Rose Red said...

Oh, she isn't really dangerous until she picks up the needles and your favourite yarn!!

Madge said...

Luck! And how cool that she shares your crafty spirit!

(though holidays? eek! I'm so unprepared myself I can't even think about beginning to think about them....)