Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I wanted to share a tale with you all, and since RoseRed has started "Shoes-day Tuesday", today seems the perfect day...

Many months ago I purchased a dress, a dreamy silvery-grey number, suitable for all those more formal events one gets invited to starting around this time of year.

Perfect, I thought - that will do both the partners' work Christmas do as well as mine!

Well, as we all know, one doesn't really attend the ex's work Christmas do, bad form and all.

, I bravely thought, it will still do for mine, and make me feel fabulous.

Our company bash was last week.

It was a 70's dress up theme.

Nevermind, I again bravely thought, I will wear it Christmas Day, and besides (glass half full), I'm yet to find the perfect shoes for it.

I hunted high, I hunted low, for these shoes.

I knew I didn't want shinyshiny silver, as the dress is more matt. I had it in my head that I didn't want strappy, barely there, either.

In my head, I could see my perfect pair of shoes. They were pale grey fabric, with just a hint of metallic sheen, peep toe, with an ankle strap (I can't walk in sling backs or pumps), and I really wanted a little bordello-esque frill around the foot, just to be cheeky. I had thought I would like a jaunty fabric bow on the heel, but I didn't want to set my expectation too high, as you can well imagine ;)

After looking in every shoe shop in Melbourne, twice, at both extremes of the price range and everywhere in-between, look what I found last Friday...

and fuck me if they weren't on sale!

I'm just waiting for my sister-in-law, who's hosting our family Christmas this year, to ring and say it's casual Christmas, wear your shorts and thongs!


Carson said...

Things arelooking up!
The Shoe Gods smiled upon you!
That happens about once a century

Janette said...

Wow - they are drop dead gorgeous!

Wear them with your shorts, they'll look fabulous!!!!

Rose Red said...

NO WAY!! AND on sale! amazing!

Blow what your SIL says, wear 'em anyway! Fabulous!!

Jo said...


Bugger what your s-i-l says, go glammed up anyway.

rubyredruca said...

gorgeous! it seems like every pair of shoes i fall in love with has the same issues. it's always a nice surprise to find them finallt, and discounted. i'm searching for a pair right now that (in the color that i really want) are an urban shoe myth. and it sucks! wear the outfit anyways! i'm always overdressed to kids b-day parties and even a casual dinner date, it's the only way i can justify my clothing and shoe collections!

Madge said...

The shoe fairy waved her sparkly wand for you! They're exactly what you wanted...and on sale...how often does that happen?! Wear them with glee, say I.

Kylie said...

Just Fabulous!!