Saturday, December 08, 2007

tea party, anyone?

When I got home from work Wednesday night, there was an advice slip in my letterbox, letting me know there was parcel waiting for me at the Post Office. A quick mental check of recent online purchases told me that, no, I don't think I'm expecting anything, OTHER THAN MY TEA COSY SWAP PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!

Because of the hours I work, I couldn't get to pick it up until this morning. There I was peering in the glass doors at the weary assistants, who were valiantly trying to ignore the crazy lady smiling and waving eagerly at them, in her efforts to open those few minutes (ok, 15) earlier. Probably the exact same look I have on my face at 8.45am when I'm trying to get the store ready to open and some nutter is tapping on the doors, but I digress...

Michelle, The Knitting Muso, has been outed as my Tea Cosy Swap Pal, and boy, has she outdone herself!

For those who don't know about the swap, it was set up over on Ravelry in the Australian Knitters group, and the idea was that Oz knitters would do an in-house (i.e. not international) tea cosy swap around Christmas time. We all filled out a questionnaire saying what our likes, preferences etc were, and then it was up to us to stalk our pal's and make them something tea related. The part I especially liked was that the person you were knitting for was not necessarily the one knitting for you, so the fun was shared around.

Michelle has done a superb job of stalking me, nailing my taste to a T (pardon the pun!).

She has sent me:
  • a cupcake tea cosy, complete with sprinkles on top!
  • a knitted cupcake - too cute
  • 2 supersoft dishcloths, one with a teapot, the other with a cup of tea
  • a deliciously scented bar of cedar wood and cinnamon soap
  • Earl Grey tea with blue cornflowers in it
  • a skein of Socks That Rock, colour Gingerbread Dude - wow!
  • a big block of organic chocolate and a packet of Dutch spice biscuits - my fave, mmmm!
  • a packet of Monte Carlos (I'm just a sucker for those retro classics!)
  • a cupcake serving platter!
and a card that made me laugh right out loud...

This last shot is just a little detail of my teapot I love, because it looks like a little tattoo peaking out of the cosy - and I do love a little cheeky teapot tatt!

oh, I'm so spoilt! I only hope the recipient of my package gets as much enjoyment out of it as I have of mine!

Thank you Michelle, you are the rock star of swap pals!


Michelle said...

Yay! The teacozy fits your teapot! That was my biggest worry. (I'm also fond of the way it matches your tablecloth).

I'm glad you liked the package! I had heaps and heaps of fun putting it together. Enjoy a cuppa!

Rose Red said...

That is one fabulous package!! Love your tea cosy, so cool!! Yay for a fabulous swap!!

rubyredruca said...

That is so cool! I want one!

Christabel said...

Wonderful! You got spoilt, so lovely. I've had a ball doing this swap.

Bells said...

wow, very spoiled. Just lovely! Such thoughtfulness - and STR too! I do love the little tatt on your pot. So cute.

I'm very much looking forward to my that you've outed yourself! Stay tuned for the write up, as soon as I get it!

Madge said...

Oh my stars, your cupcake tea cozy is cute. (I snuck a look at yours on Ravelry, too, and it's cute, too!) And look at all that swag; you sure lucked out with your swap pal.

My heart is so happy seeing tea cozies in use. Where's the Earl Grey?! Or are you an Oolong gal?

gracia said...

Monte Carlo Tea Party Brilliance!

Such a haul! Such knitting! And so especially wonderful to receive by post, no?

Wonderful... keep enjoying it, g xo

rubyredruca said...

I can't stop enviously eyeing your teapot cozy. My yellow fiestaware teapot seems naked without it. And so boring.

Melinda said...

What a great tea cosy!

knititch said...

great teacosy. it is such a great british thing i think. the str yarn is the most fabulous quality i have ever seen. won some at a blogiversary and i have seriously never seen anything like it.
happy new year, kgirl.