Saturday, February 09, 2008

the crack

sweet Noro sock goodness arrived in the mail for me this week. #184, shades of khaki and denim with violet and hot pink. You can see it knitted up over here.

I've been hankering to give this new wool a go ever since I saw it start popping up over at Ravelry, so I finally succumbed and paid the price over on eBay. In the skein, it feels a little scratchy, so I'm not sure how it's going to be as socks, but I feel like it will probably wash up a lot softer, maybe?

However, I can't cast on the Noro just yet, because I've started working on these. It's Gingerbread Dude STR which Michelle sent as part of my tea cosy swap parcel.

I'm using a fairly plain stitch, as the wool itself has a lot going on, and as soon as I started knitting it up, it became immediately clear to me who the intended recipient should be! I have decided to just mail them out when they're finished, as a surprise parcel.

Whilst putting away my recent sock wool purchases, I came to realise just how much sock wool I have in the stash, and indeed, how many pairs of socks I already have. I love knitting socks, and can't seem to stop coveting the crack, but I just don't need anymore, so I think at least some of the next few pairs I make will be for others!

oh, and I hope you can bear me and my nana-tea-cosies again this year, but Red Hill Show entry forms arrived in the mail - squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


2paw said...

The Noro looks wonderful, most people seem to think it feels a little rough, but it knits up smoothly. I have lots of sock wool too!! I find it hard to resist and if I buy one a fortnight, I soon rack it up!!! Nice Gingerbread Dude!!!

TinkingBell said...

I love the Noro and the thick-and-thinness of it! I have so much sock yarn - and my resolution is to be pickier!

I am currently in love with the knittery merino/cashmere I am knitting - it has been marinating in stash a while and is gorgeous!

Rose Red said...

I've resisted the far! I too have a humungous sock yarn stash, so am trying to be good. Love gingerbread dude (the name especially!!) and that fabric is a perfect match!

Michelle said...

That's the same shade of Noro sock that I have! I'll get to knitting it up sometime soon-ish, I hope.
The STR sock is looking great! I love the way the colours combine.