Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day

wow, that was a bit of a long break, yeah?!

life has been incredibly hectic around here of late, and even though I've been online, checking in with everyone else's events, I seem to somehow have forgotten to add a post along the way!

Here's a quick update:

Lily turned 9, in what has to have been the LONGEST celebration ever, commencing with getting her ears pierced way back on the 28th of April, and culminating in a big birthday dinner at her favourite restaurant tomorrow night. So far there's been 2 cakes, one more to go to school tomorrow (her actual birthday) and there will possibly be one more at dinner tomorrow night! Phew! Can't wait for the 21st, if this is any indicator.

She had a dozen school friends over for a party somewhere in the middle, which was a hill of fun for all concerned, mostly the adults. 9 year old girls are hilariously funny!

Today she got one of her presents, one she's been wishing on for 12 months.

Meet Lucy:

Lucy is a nearly-eight-week-old Rex guinea pig, and she's fast wormed her way into our hearts. So much so that I was found knitting her a companion so she wouldn't feel lonely without her litter-sisters, and here it is, 10pm, and I have just come back inside from checking on the temperature of her heat sack :) I've also popped an old woollen jumper of Lily's in the sleeping compartment of her hutch, lest she chills during the evening, and there's a tarp over the open area of the hutch to stop the drafts!

I just love this shot - the stunned look on the pig's face nearly kills me! This was right before she wee-d all over Lily's lap :)

I'm knitting away madly on my niece's first birthday jumper, hoping I'll make the deadline of May 23rd (eek!) No photos, at least until I give it to her, as her Mum has recently outed herself as a blog-lurker! (you could check it out over on Ravelry, if you've got the golden ticket, though)

Somewhere else in amongst all this, I got a sweet parcel of fabric from Justine, just because!
loving it silly, Jus - thanks!

There, just like the fast-tracking of Days of our Lives, I think we're all in sync and up to date. I'd like to promise it won't be so long next time between drinks, but really, who knows?!


Madge said...

Happy Mother's Day!

And happy belated birthday to Lily!

All this celebrating! Wheee!

*scritches to Lucy*

Bells said...

that is one fantastic looking cake!

Happy birthday to Lily! And welcome to the new family member. That is a great photo!

Rose Red said...

Happy Birthday to Lily! I remember getting my ears pierced, I think I was about 9 as well - I felt so grown up!

and Happy Mother's Day to you too - hope you weren't forgotten amongst all the birthday celebrations!

2paw said...

Happy Mothers' Day,Happy Birthday, Happy Guniea Pig!! This would only be a proper DOOL fast-tracking if there was some serious 'Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome' and Lily was 19 by the end of your post!!
Nice fabric!!!

Gracia said...

Big birthday celebrations, ears pierced AND a handsome Rex guinea pig! Such festivities! That last photo is so sweet... just before the wee.

Happy birthday Lily!

hugs all round, g xo