Sunday, June 15, 2008

a big big love

I finally finished Lily's Phildar cardigan this weekend.

Talk about a labour of love. Not that the knitting content was hard, per se. And it's not like I am reluctant to knit for the girl - truth be told, I love it, because she always embraces the finished pieces with such gusto!

It was, as always, The Seaming that did me in.

The pieces have been knit and blocked for probably a good month now. Somehow there was always something taking precedence (birthday jumpers, hats, clapotis, PROCRASTINATION!)

This weekend we packed up the car and headed to Kilcunda, which is basically a cliff facing Bass Strait! There's a caravan park, opposite one of my favourite cafes in Victoria, and a pub that serves a wicked counter meal. That being said, there's not much else ;)

We were close enough to Phillip Island to head over on Saturday night and watch the Little Penguins head home, which was all very sweet. My girl and I gained much delight as we headed back along the boardwalk watching these little creatures trot along the sand dunes towards their burrows. Many, many years ago, my cousins and I had a similar experience and it was lovely to be able to share it still today with Lily.

After that excitement, and dinner at the pub, Lily was tucked up asleep in her bunk, with the sound of the ocean crashing outside our door. I sat up and made a concentrated effort to seam up her cardigan. Once I got into the rhythm, it really wasn't so bad. I got to practice my mattress stitch, and by the end, it was looking ok.

I also managed to finish a beanie for myself, which I wanted to have done for the Bendigo Sheep &
Wool show in July. I gave it a good trial run on the beach today...
I do love the beach in Winter - particularly if you get on the ocean side. It's so raw and wild and powerful. I love the crisp air and the biting wind (as long as it's not raining!). I'll leave you all with a few moments of our weekend in the elements...


jillian said...

Both the cardi and your beanie are so cute! I also love the beach in winter :)

Rose Red said...

very cute! she's all wrapped up in your knittery love!

your beanie is very cute too - the colours work so well together.

Bells said...

what lovely photos! And I hear you on the seaming. This will be me in about a week. Groan. I vow never do a cardigan in pieces every time - and then I do it anyway.

Love that beanie! The buttons!!! So cool!

sue said...

The cardigan looks great. Love the beanie too, and the color is wonderful.

Madge said...

Lovely photos of you lovely ladies on the beach. Lily's cardi looks great, and your cute beanie matches your Clap perfectly. (hey, did you plan that?)

Seaming does me in, too. I once went six months between knitting and seaming a sweater. Total slacker seamer, that's me.

You saw penguins?!

louise said...

The cardigan, beanie and beach trip all look look super. xoxo lj

Nellie said...

Gigantic? A big big love? The cardy is lovely.