Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bendigo sheep & wool show

Next weekend I will be heading up to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show, and I'm really looking forward to meeting in person a few of those crafters I regularly converse with online. I'm attending the ACS-sponsored BBQ brekky on Saturday, then heading out to the Showgrounds to fondle the good stuff all day long.

But along with the nervous anticipation that I usually encounter when my blog-life smacks into my physical life, I realised that mostly I don't know what anyone looks like, and even those I do have a visual on, I wondered if I'd feel shy just bounding up to someone and saying "Hi, I know you, well, your blog, that is!"?

So as an ice-breaker, I decided to show you what I'll be wearing so you recognise me on the day:

I'll have on this:

and this:

and these:

which also do this:

Feel free to come over and say "Hi, I know you, well, your blog, that is!" It's an invitation, so relax, be comfortable with it, and know that you'll be welcome!!

...and if no-one comes and talks to me, I realise that either -

a) it's true, no one likes me, and all my high school issues will be re-triggered (twitch)


b) it's true, no one actually reads this blog! (twitch, twitch)

Hope to see you in Bendigo next weekend ;)


2paw said...

I won't be going, obviously!! Love the green and the little embroidery is a highlight!!!
High school, smigh school I say!!!

62cherry said...

stunning kylie
i wont be able to make it BUT
i do read your blog and I do think your are super super talented and a inspiration honey

Live 2 Knit said...

I LOVE your mitts!! I finally got around to finishing the last thumb on mine over the weekend.

You'll be fine, me, I'm considering printing up a t-shirt:

Hi, my name is Katie, I'm shy but would love to talk to you, so come say Hello.

Whaddya reackon?

See you at Bendy!

Di said...

I'm going to Bendy too so will keep an eye out for you (have no idea what I'll be wearing though...)

Madge said...

If I were going we'd totally smoke cigarettes behind the gym, cut class after lunch and listen to really loud angry music as we peeled out of the parking lot. ...What was that? Oh, yeah, high school was a long time ago. I know. So?

Have fun! Your little embroidered flower on your mitten flap is the sweetest.

TinkingBell said...

I am so envious of you going to bendi!! Drop by Mandies stall (Ewe give me the Knits) and say Hi to Donni, Mandie, and Kate!!

Deb said...

Hi Kylie, just received a message from you on Rav, I will be at the brekky too so look forward to meeting you and sharing yarn chit chat over coffee.
What gorgeous accessories you will be wearing. Love those mitts, what is the pattern?

Rose Red said...

I wish I was going to be there - I would come and say hey (although I probably wouldn't bound...I'm a bit shy for that!!)

Gracia said...

I read, I read, and I like, I like. Yep, I do.

Loving your haircut with side-swept fringe, your wardrobe plans (which made me smile... so efficient of you and super and handy for easy blogger recognition in the wilderness away from the computer) and those neat woolly mitts.

Hope the show was a hoot and the sheep were woolly, g xx