Friday, July 18, 2008

boots & all

I'm almost ready to leave to catch the train to Bendigo, but before I left, I just had to show you my new gumboots, bought specially for the Show.

They've got SKULLS and ROSES on them!! How freakin' cool is that in a pair of wellies?!

Every thread on Ravelry has made mention of how wet, muddy and dirty the Showgrounds are at the moment, so I thought, if I must wear practical footwear, it had better be cool!

and to think I nearly bought generic black gumbies from Aussie Disposals...


Rose Red said...

Fancy gumbies are the best!! Wish I was going to Bendy...will just have to live vicariously!!

62cherry said...

tagged ya honey
please play

cher said...

The green leaves in the boots will match stunningly with your Clapotis!
What a great find!

Madge said...

Kick ass wellies!