Saturday, August 02, 2008

Top 10 little dots of happy from my weekend - yesterday, today & tomorrow

1. finding my latest copy of mixtape in my letterbox

2. meeting a blog-friend for the first time and chatting over a couple of glasses of red wine on a cold Friday night in Melbourne town.

3. executing a pike on the fitball during my pilates class this morning, whilst maintaining neutral spine, activating my T-A muscles, drawing up my pelvic floor, and breathing!

4. cleaning my studio/yoga room to an almost holy state of tidy. memo: take photo as evidence

5. listening to Mark Lanegan's deep, sexy voice blending with Isobel Campbell's ethereal tones on their latest offering; Sunday at Devil Dirt

6. working up a good rhythm on my Honeycomb vest whilst tucked up in my favourite lounge chair

7. baking bread smells emanating from my kitchen - mmm, rosemary and sea salt bread for my soup tonight...

8. making plans to head out for breakfast tomorrow with my sister-in-law for some good old fashioned girl-chat!

9. writing a letter - an actual letter, not a Facebook wall post, not a msn, not a txt, but an actual letter - to a long-lost but recently reconnected friend, and knowing that she will just get the whole pen-to-paper thing

10. The crisp, clear air of a (briefly) sunny winter's day in Melbourne, what more could one ask for?

hope your weekend is shaping up just as nicely for you :)


Anonymous said...

It's so good to pause sometimes and appreciate the good things around us. Thanks for sharing yours.

Madge said...

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Thanks for the recommend on the Cambell/Lanegan tunes.

meet me at mikes. a happy place for crafty types said...

Hi Kylie! I need to email you about something - but no email address in site on this lovely blog of yours! If you have time - can you drop me a line?!

Gracia said...

Sunny days in winter are a fave of mine, too. And, reading of your homemade bread flavoured with a little sea salt and rosemary has made a perfectly delightful crumpet (liberally covered with vegemite) loose a little of its appeal. I'd happily swap my afternoon snack for a nose of your bread.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Just popped in to say hi, I crochet, but I can also knit.

Craft Punk said...

An actual letter? I'm so impressed.
I got a postcard the other day and it was one of the happiest moments of my week.

A timely reminder: I must write more letters.