Tuesday, September 30, 2008

guess where I'm going this weekend?!

can anybody say:


excited, can barely breathe!


Madge said...

Have fun!

Have I told you that...If I ever ran away and joined the roller derby my name would be a Wanda Jackson homage, "Fujiyama Mama?" I would smoke cigarettes from a long ebony cigarette holder, use copious amounts of eye liner, and rock the shortie kimono before bouts. And slay Navy boys in their tracks.

How about you?

62cherry said...

i love that!
can i come along next time?

kgirl said...

haha, Fujiyama Mama is great! I want to be SlinkyMinx, or something with "Sadie" in it (don't know why, just like it!) I will have many tattoos, a devilish attitude, and be unafraid to go hard!

Ms Cherry, you should totally come along this weekend! if not, check out their website http://rollerderbyvictoria.wikispaces.com/ for the next dates (November, if I remember correctly)

Susanne said...

How exciting, did you watch the program on the ABC a couple of weeks ago? Those Queensland girls were tough! Hope you have a great time, make sure to tell us all about it.

the artful little minx said...

i sure did watch the doco "Roller Derby Dolls", I think it was called. stirred up my passion to get back on the skates!

a friend of ours is in one of the Vic squads, so we're off to cheer them on

louise said...

Are you serious? How fantastic. Hope you have a ball! xo lj

katiecrackernuts said...

Hope the roller debry was fun. No bruises. Thanks for the comments on Guerlain fragrances. I'll check them out.

Julia said...

I have been VERY close to joining my local roller derby league on several occasions. If the rink were in closer proximity to my house I might just be a rollergirl. Have fun!