Tuesday, October 21, 2008

rockin' and rollin' and whatnot

knitdevil reminded me that I haven't filled you all in on the AWESOMENESS (it's a word, prove it ain't) of roller derby.


The photos were not great, too fast and lighting too low for my little point-and-shoot camera, but you get the idea.

The black-and-white's are the Ref's, the pinks were one of the teams.

My two favourite skaters?

Betty Bambalam and Cherry Rockette.

and another good thing? Beers, in a can, unopened, three-fifty. Doesn't get better than that outside of an RSL or bowling club, these days!

Next round in November 8 "Queen of the Slammed", with Dead Ringer Rosies vs Toxic Avengers - check out Roller Derby Victoria for details, and all the info on the next Fresh Meat intake.

and let me know if you're coming!


Rose Red said...

Betty Bambalam = best roller derby competitor name ever!!! How cool!

Madge said...

It so is a word. Which I'm using to describe the fact that you went and saw grrls in black and pink socks knock the hella out of each other. Yeah!