Friday, March 27, 2009

larder goodies

A while back, a friend contacted me through the blog and asked if I'd give her mum, Elaine, some help with a pattern that was troubling her, a vest to be precise.

I was more than happy to help, so into town I went one night with the lovely offer of a coffee and a sweetie for my time. Elaine and I sat chatting and working patiently through a pattern that, whilst not difficult, was not written very clearly.

After we felt confident we'd worked out the designers' intention, we both set forth into a crisp Melbourne night and went our merry way.

Last week my friend contacted me again, after I commented on the delicious array of relish and jams that seemed to be featured on her blog. Apparently progress on the vest had stalled, and she wondered if I'd be willing to finish the knitting in exchange for a well-stocked larder?

Ah......YES! yes, indeed. Bring on the delicious delights :)

In a blink of an eye, a box and a parcel arrived on my doorstep!

Inside, there was enough delectable goodies to grace my table for months to come. Fig & nectarine jam, Carrot & Almond chutney, Pumpkin Chutney, Nectarine Relish....mmmmm!

Also carefully packed was this delightful little stuffie...

and this darling felt brooch...

a fabric covered jotter...

and in the parcel? The loveliest shade of sea-coloured wool, stuffed with Monopoly money

In return for all this spoiling, I'll be knitting the cover pattern off this, in the shade shown.

I hardly feel like I've earned my keep ;)


Rose Red said...

nice!! I think that's a pretty good trade!

Love your tags too...heh!


Kylie, you are worth much more.... you are a life saver. I bit off more than I could chew taking on that vest pattern but now we can all relax and Louise will be warm and cosy come the cooler weather. So thankful.

louise said...

I'm getting excited, very excited. xo lj