Saturday, April 25, 2009

oh dearie me!

I went to my LYS and somehow seemed to slip on my credit card - oops!

stash enhancement

I swear all I went in for was 2 balls of 4ply for a baby jacket, but they were having a bit of a clearance on discontinued stock, and well now, how could I resist?!

especially when the discontinued stock is Grinasgco Tango (aka Rowan Felted Tweed) at $4 a ball, and Shepherd Felted 12ply, also $4 each.

There was a small amount (ok, 5 balls) of Patonyle in a discontinued colour that jumped into my bag too.

Also in this lot was a particularly lovely shade of the Shepherd Felted 12ply, which has already made it's way onto the needles, in the form of the Darkside Cowl

darkside cowl

The Malabrigo likewise didn't wait long to jump into use


this is Ilean (Rav link), in Sealing wax. I can't actually decide if this is red or brick orange? It is very dependent on the light. Either way, I love it.

nothing like a good splurge to lift the spirits, yeah?!


Stitch Sista said...

So now I'm curious! where is this LYS you speak of?

Rose Red said...

Oh nice haul! Don't blame you at all for putting these in your shopping bag.

And I think the sealing wax is a reddish orange (I have some too...mmmm lovely yummy stuff isn't it!)

MildlyCrafty said...

Yes, please spill, which LYS is having a sale!

kgirl said...

you girls make me laugh! It's Mornington Wool Centre - they have a bit left (maybe!)

if I don't get there first!

Madge said...

Niiiiice. Hotsy totsy cowl action!