Sunday, April 26, 2009


I am lucky enough to have two granny blankets, one each from both my Nanas. I have carted them around for many years, and they have served me well. After years of service, they are only just now starting to wear, despite my painstaking repairs and careful cleaning, and I know their days are almost over.

I treasure these two blankets, because they symbolise memories of two women I loved dearly, and who's hands worked steadily, constantly. Both instilled a love of handwork in me from a very tender age, and both were beautiful craftspeople.

In these blankets, I can see both their personalities so clearly - the clean, even (slightly tight!) tension of Nana Rob, and the free-and-easy stitchwork of Nana Button (yes, that's her real surname - isn't it fabulous?).

I have wanted to create a granny blanket of my own for a long time - something to pass onto Lily. I have started a couple of times, but always seem to become overwhelmed by the enormity of the task.

So when I read about Pip's idea of "A Granny a Day", naturally my interest was piqued. I can, I thought, manage a granny-a-day, surely?

Here are my first three...

Turns out I will need approximately 100 of these to make a decent size blanket, and broken down to one a day, well, that just seems easy!

I am desperately trying not to plan these squares too much - I don't want this blanket "styled", I'd rather stay close to the original concept of using up your odds and ends, bringing them all together into a lovely item. My only concession to order is to work the last row of all the squares in cream, so when time comes to sew it all together, the process (hopefully) won't be so arduous!

Let's see where I am in 100 days!


Madge said...

Hey, my local knitting group is doing a Summer of Crochet Love KAL beginning on June 21st. A ways off, but maybe you'd like to join us? (sending Rav invite now) That way your winter months can be full of crochet-y solidarity. (I'm making a blanket, too - finally getting around to Babette.)

P.S. Button is a fab surname.

Rose Red said...

I love that you have a blanket from each of your nanas (and yes, Nana Button - how tops!!).

Good idea to do the last round of each in the same colour - you are right, will make seaming so much easier - and I think crochet is way easier to seam than knitting in any event.

cseneque said...

What a wonderful idea!
I think I may just join the challenge.

Leonie said...

Such a lovely plan to make something that should see your daughter through a major portion of her life. Doesn't matter how fast she grows!!

Jessi said...

just saw your comment on Pip's blog so came to take a peek! Cool fruits... what a blast from the past! I use to love things. My grandma use to buy them for me on our quarterly trip into the city. She would purchase me a roll or packet at Flinders St, Station... Thanks for the memories :)

Lovely blankey too

Bells said...

I love that you can see their personalities in the blankets. No two granny square blankets could be the same to the trained eye.

This is an exciting project. I will watch and admire!

Reckless Glue said...

wow, what lovely keepsakes you have, and I love the granny-a-day idea :) Granny squares make me wish I could crochet!!!

PrincessPea said...

What a fantastic idea! I love that you are passing the tradition on like this.

Susanne said...

I'm sure you'll get your beautiful blanket finished in no time and I just saw one on another blog that made me think of yours. Here's the link for you to have a peek if you'd like

(hope the link works!)

louise said...

Nana Button... that's such a fantastic name.

I can't wait to see your finished blanket I'm sure it will be very beautiful. xo lj