Sunday, May 03, 2009

a granny a day - week #1

well, here we are, the end of week #1. I managed a granny a day, so far, so good.

Each day brings a new favourite :)

This is days 2 - 7, and at this very moment, Day 7 is my current fave. I love the lurid orange/pink/green combo!

Lily is most excited that these will soon be her very-own-granny-rug-one-to-take-with-her-when-she-leaves-home-not-that-that's-for-a-long-time (phew, says the Mum)


Bells said...

ooh fantastic!! Loving this. Good work.

The word verification is crazy. I figure that's the universe telling me I don't need another blanket project in my life right now, as much as i'm admiring yours.

missfee said...


I love the colours of the top one - I am a sucker for orange, pink red and greens..

I nearly did this but I am currently over craft commited

Wired for Fibre said...

OK, now I'm officially tempted to join in, I love them all!

2paw said...

Arghhhhh about 10 of your posts appeared in my Bloglines at once today!! The Granny squares are lovely and I'm almost tempted too!!

Hazel said...

Wow, these look gorgeous! The beautiful colours you've chosen are framed nicely with the cream. A great choice! You've inspired me...when I get around to some crochet, a granny a day is definitely the way to go. Keep it up! Well done!

Madge said...

Good work. Always feels nice when you make a goal and stick to it, doesn't it? (I'll need to do the same for my soon-to-be-started Babette, I reckon. Shall look to you for inspiration on sticking to my goal, as I'm dreadfully lacking in self-control.) Partial to the pink/chocolate/blue one - day #3? - myself...but they're all *really* pretty.

[Stupid Bloglines. I'm not getting your updates. Sorry I'm so slow to comment these days...I don't know what's going on. xox]

Grand Purl Baa said...

So simple but so perfectly lovely. Looking forward to the end result.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be gorgeous! I love how you've got some colours repeating themselves already.

louise said...

Not for a long-long-long-time. xo lj

PS It's going to be a gorgeous, gorgeous rug.