Saturday, May 02, 2009

here a cowl, there a cowl

my recent stash splurge has lead me down another dark path - The Cowl.

Like so many others at the moment, I am smitten with these quick, satisfying little projects, and there are so many free patterns kicking around, one is positively spoiled for choice!

This is the Darkside Cowl (Rav link), made for a friends' Big Birthday (3-0!)

I used Shepherd 100% Lambswool Felted, jut over 2 skeins. It is soft and squishy and delicious. The pattern was great to knit up, too. It's basically a rib pattern, set out to form a zig-zag (there they are again). One thing's for certain - I am definitely making more of these. I want one!

My next cowl was ilean (Rav link), using one of my Malabrigo skeins of Sealing Wax.

I love the finished product, again, soft and squishy, but if I made another of these I'd convert the pattern to knit in the round. It's knit back and forward with garter stitch borders that become the "top and bottom" once it's sewn together at the end, and try as I might, I just can't seem to get the seam as neat as I'd like.

This too is heading off to make a home elsewhere. Even though I have only tried these on to take photos, I am already converted to the Cowl. The Cowl does not flap around like a scarf, nor does it need constant adjustment or fiddling. It keeps you toasty warm and feeling snug, especially when the weather dramatically drops, as has happened here in Melbourne this week.

and it's just so snappin' stylish!


Tara said...

They are great aren't they? I have three of them now and still itching to make more. Plus you can have them as tight around your neck or loose around your neck as you like with the use of a cute wee pin.
I agree though. I made an Ilean out of some handspun, and if it weren't for that seam that I tried SO HARD to make neat it would be the favourite of the three.

Susanne said...

They look great, I've been looking at making the darkside cowl this last week or so. Have a few other things to finish first though - as usual!

I will definitely try one soon though, our weather here in Wollongong has changed dramatically too. Now that I'm a knitter I'm supposed to like the cold right?????

Rose Red said...

Nice!! I think it is you that makes them look so particularly stylish, ya big cutie!!

MildlyCrafty said...

Ilean is in my queue too. I've made a couple for other people but don't have one myself yet. Must get onto that :)

Tannia said...

oooo the cowls are you think cowls can be manly as well???

I've proised to make a 'scarf' the man who makes my coffee every day - but 'm thinking a cowl (in a very manly design you understand) woudl be better for him to wear while working....I'm always thinking of the OH&S!

Wired for Fibre said...

Thank you so much for my lovely birthday present, I've pretty much worn it non stop since Thursday L.O.V.E it!

knitabulous said...

Just when I thought there were no more cowl puns left - I find the funniest one so far!

Cute cowls they are too. And what rosered said.

Anonymous said...

They're lovely! Cute photos too.