Saturday, May 30, 2009

Issue 9!

mixtape issue 9 is here! I received my contributors' copy in the mail yesterday, and once again, Justine has pulled together a great selection of interesting articles.

mixtape is now heading into it's second year, and I am pleased to say I have been contributing since Issue 1. I've written about topics such as; community (and the importance of), make-believe and growing up, and roller derby! This is exactly what I love about this 'zine - it is truly a bit of everything, and you never know what you're going to discover when you pick it up.

This issue, I wrote about exposing children to art, and ways to make art a lot more accessible - my article is called "Art Smart Kids".

so go check out mixtapezine - you won't be disappointed! And please feel free to let me know what you think :)


Tannia said...

I must get a copy, would love to read your thoughts on kids and art.

I was fortunate to receive an invite to the opening of a sculpture exhibition at the Toyota Gallery a year or two ago. My babysitter cancelled on me at the last moment and I decided to take LIam with me.

He was aamzing, he got the catalogue, and asked all the artists he could find to sign their pages, but at the same time, the artists were great with him - they asked him lots of great questions about what he liked ans didn't like about their sculptures, and he being 6 of course was very honest. He also asked them things like "why did you use that to build this", "why did you put that bit there and not over there", etc, etc. He learnt a lot that night I think and well worthkeeping him up past his bedtime.

One of the artists pulled me aside later on and congratulated me on having such an awesome little man...said that out of all the hundreds of people there, that talking to Liam was the highlight of his night.

Liam loved it and I think looking at the sculpture though a child's eyes gave it a great perspective for me too!

Tannia :)

Gracia said...

Three cheers to your part in all issues of mixtape! To diversity! To zines!

Hurrah! X3

Twas lucky enough to meet Justine yesterday as part of the zine gathering at Fed Square as part of the Emerging Writers' fest ... so exciting... and great to 'meet' face-to-face.