Monday, June 01, 2009


I finished a damn pair of socks!

For some reason, my sock knitting has really lagged of late. Forget second-sock syndrome - I'm finding it tough to even finish the first one! I put my nose to the wheel on these and knocked them over today during my lunch break. The pattern is "Seaweed" (found here), and the wool is Wired for Fibre's "Rita", colourway Kelp.

This is a toe-up pattern, and with guidance from my SnB group, I managed a cast on relatively easily. These aren't the first toe-up's I've knitted, but for some reason I cannot get the swing of the cast-on nor the heel turn?

Now, I have spent time with the different methods, enlisted help of toe-up devotees, and still, I'm not convinced. I don't like the fit of the toe (for me), and I definitely don't like the appearance, nor process of the heel (for me). I know one of the big selling points is making the most of every last centimetre of the yarn, but for me this makes the socks too long anyway?

then it hit me.

I don't have to knit toe-up if I don't want to - I can continue knitting cuff down until I exhaust my sock yarn stash*, if I feel so inclined!

sometimes I'm a bit thick with these things.

Finishing these socks did, however, herald a lovely arrival.

It's finally Winter, and my next Personal Sock Club shipment is long overdue!

presenting Colinette Jitterbug "Ginger Cinnabar"

destined to become Marlene. A beautiful, warm shade of orange, known in our house as "Buddhist orange". Perfect for cold winters' nights.

and 100% top-down bliss :)

* this exhaustion of the sock yarn stash is, you understand, a purely mythical event, one that will never be allow to manifest in real life ;)


missfee said...

great socks - hope your nose is not too gound down by the stone

word of warning on the Marlene's they are a non giving sock, mine are a bit hard to get over my heel - so go loose and big, I am quite an average knitter with my tension.

2paw said...

Love the socks: love the pattern and the yarn and the colours!!! I have tried the toe ups but I am a top down girl through and through. I have small feet so I'll never run out of wool!!

Stitch Sista said...

Gorgeous socks!

Toe up is a nice idea if there a chance you are going to run out of yarn, but I must admit I'm not convinced I'd knit all my socks this way either.

Must get my sock knitting mojo out of the cupboard...I joined a sock club that starts for 3 months in june!

Reckless Glue said...

those are beautiful...and I looove that orange as well!

Bells said...

oh good lord yes, that would never actually happen, but it's good to have it out there as a possibility to work towards!

I don't like toe up. I will never like toe up. So i support your realisation - and I lvoe your socks!

Bells said...

ps am knitting with jitterbug for the first time myself and predict you will love it. I never knew what joy awaited me!

Rose Red said...

I like toe-up - and top-down - it's nice to mix it up. But whatever works for you is best in the end! I'm not a fan of short row heels though, so when I do toe up from now on I'll most likely use a gusset/heel flap on the toe ups - they just fit better!

Love the new sock club yarn and it will look just FAB in the Marlene pattern.

louise said...

Socks looks great, Kylie. Thanks for your best wishes the other day. I'm mighty glad I was in a car and not on a bike... xoxo lj

Tannia said...

Great socks and Marlene is one of my favourites.

Knitting anything should be a joy - so y ou just go with the sock yarn/pattern that gives you the most joy and whether it be toe up or cuff down is inconsequential :)

I'll look forward to seeing them at the next GTG.


Hazel said...

Lovely socks! The colours are gorgeous. Where do you get your yarn from? Don't have much sock yarn here in NZ. I've only knitted a couple of pairs....but am feeling a cosy pair of home knits would be lovely with this very chilly weather!

kgirl said...

Tannia - I'll bring the Marlene's to the next meet-up, promise :)

Hazel, thank you - I get a lot of my sock wool from Wired for Fibre (there's a link to the online shop on my sidebar). I know they ship internationally ;)

dr k said...

i am totally with you on the toe up thing. the heels are beyond me. those look great tho. mmm colinette... yummy.

Gracia said...

Damn fine socks. Damn fine indeed.

Madge said...

Right on with the finishing!

And I sez: Yer socks, yer rules, baby. Make 'em how ya like to make 'em.

And I add: Pretty. Both the FO and the WIP. Buddhist orange. I like that.

PrincessPea said...

The socks look lovely! I know what you mean about the up-down dilemma. I never want to waste yarn, or worry that I might run out, so think I 'should' do them toe up. But, to be honest, I also prefer the fit of top down. So I'm with you on that one.