Tuesday, September 15, 2009

monogamy is over rated

Knitting monogamy, that is.

should be casting on my second Blackrose. Or finishing another commission piece (or even starting yet another commission piece!).

I could be working on my pattern 'zine, or making up more samples for the etsy shop...

So what have I been doing, you ask?

Why, casting on a new cardigan for myself, naturally!

I've been searching for
just the right pattern for my precious Pear Tree 12ply Nut yarn for over 12 months now, and only having 5 100g skeins, options were limited. I tried Ellis, but my gauge didn't make it, and because the peplum is sewn onto the vest, row gauge was critical. The pattern calls for a suede-like ribbon yarn with a gauge of 19st/24r, and although I could get the stitch gauge, the rows were never going to make it. I also had to go down to 4.5mm needles, which reduces this yarn to basically felt.

I then tried Ariosa, but less than 10cm in, I really knew the garment style wasn't going to be for me. With little variation between my bust, waist and hip measurements, wrap style garments tend to ride up over my abdomen in a most unflattering way, and although I keep trying to make them work on me, reality told me to give it up!

Finally, I settled on Loppem. The gauge matches, and I have enough yarn (X fingers crossed X) Garment style is good for me. Enough detail to keep me interested, but not too much that I can't work on it anywhere.

I think we have a winner.


Leonie said...

Ooh Loppem looks lovely, and such a great colour too. Knitting monogamy is for wimps I say!

2paw said...

I like Loppem best of all, though it would not suit me at all!!! Love the wool, it looks perfect.
I am a knitphomaniac- just made that word up- but I always have far too many things on the go!!

Rose Red said...

Gee I wish you'd stop knitting everything that I want to be knitting!!! So envious!!

Love Loppem, think it is a great pattern and will look great on you!

Stitch Sista said...

Oh I love that! Might have to make one myself...always on the lookout for a good short sleeve cardy!

Bells said...

oh yes! I love Loppem.

I think a girl needs to always have at least one cardigan on the needles. At least.

katiecrackernuts said...

Ah yes, how easy it is to be distracted by too many good projects.
Thanks for the chilli string idea. I like it, but am not sure I could execute it.

Emma said...

Loppem's going to look great in that colour. The cables really seem to pop with that yarn too.

Julia said...

Don't feel guilty - that's not even a 'real' sweater! It doesn't even have sleeves! It's just a wee diversion!

astoriaAnn said...

If you don't knit for yourself then knitting stops being fun! You must knit for yourself! ;) Loppem is perfect -- gorgeous.

dr k said...

loppem is lovely, and a perfect thing to be diverted by at this time of year! go for it!