Tuesday, August 18, 2009


just as I thought - you can merch it up all you want, but stocking stitch and ribbing is just plain boring to photograph ;) Progress on my Potter is going well. Two sleeves, both fronts = done. Now just the back and the collar, and we may have something a little more interesting to look at!

I've also cast on some Blackrose socks, for when stocking stitch isn't cutting it in the satisfaction stakes. It's my Socks that Rock Raven - I think it's Valkyrie? but without checking Ravelry I'm not sure... I've been searching for the right sock for this wool for ages, but this seems to fit the bill. I've been knitting away as I listen to Radiothon on 3RRR - you can subscribe here if you're freeloading!!

The pattern is great, nice lace panel, eye of partridge heel {love} and is written to use magic loop. I've managed to magic loop the leg, but after many false starts, switched to dpn's for the gusset. Just could not get what the instructions meant, or where I had to place the stitches? Hopeless, I know! Anyway, once the gusset was done, I have switched back to magic loop - so brave!

and when I'm knitting I keep getting "Oh they call me the Wild Rose..." stuck in my head!

And just because I can, here is a picture of Lucy, the Gold-plated Guinea Pig, for your viewing pleasure :)


Donyale said...

Ah, the Potter, it's on my wish list - will look forward to seeing yours finished.

Rose Red said...

Oh my, I can feel another blatant copying of you coming on...I have some STR Valkyrie, and that pattern on my wish list...I can't believe I'm turning into your fangirl!!

Emma said...

Blackrose looks great in that colourway, they were obviously meant to be together.

I appreciate 3RRR a lot more now, after not being able to listen to it in the car for the last couple of years. I think I shall celebrate my new found appreciation with a subscription.

katiecrackernuts said...

The socks do rock, and while boring, the green is a good colour. And the little critter is cute too.

dr k said...

hehe, snap on the blackroses in STR! i would make them again in every single one of the raven colours. and i dont think that green would ever get boring, its going to look fantastic.

Leonie said...

The green is a good shade, will look wonderful on you when it is done. The socks are looking great. Still learning the sock making lingo so, "what is an eye of partridge heel?"