Sunday, November 22, 2009


So, this week saw me celebrate my 39th birthday.



that means next year...yup, the Big One.

I didn't really feel up to having a big bash this year; it's been a very turbulent time in our family and it just didn't seem appropriate, so I spread the word that I was just after a quiet one and wasn't planning on doing anything, really.

As it turned out, a quiet one became one of my most lovely birthdays thus far, full of little unexpected surprises and moments of gratitude.

  • At work, there was strawberry cheesecake and a lovely card.
  • My girl rang the radio station and got the Breakfasters to send me a birthday call-out and they played Lucinda Williams for me.
  • My girlfriend in Scotland sent me some wool, which I was particularly impressed with as she is a non-knitter!
  • I found this album in our local second-hand music store. I've been looking for this for a couple of years on and off. For my 10th birthday I was given a portable cassette player (oh, how grown up did I feel?!) and my Nana gave me this album on cassette. I loved it so much, and played it again and again. It occurred to me as an adult that it was actually a pretty good compilation tape, and decided I needed to have it again for nostalgia.
  • I bought myself a new frock with some birthday money, and wore it to a local theatre production friends of ours were in, then followed it up by heading out for drinks with my Derby sisters.
  • and finally, went out for lunch with my knitty friends and then dinner with my mum, brother and sister-in-law.
All in all, not a bad way to start one's last year in one's 30's.

I feel like I should be making a list of "things I want to achieve before 40" or something, but instead I think I'm just going to sit back and relax, enjoy this time for what it is, and savour it all.


Donyale said...

Sounds like just the ticket..btw - the 40's are pretty good. I will welcome you to the club accordingly next year.

Bells said...

yep that sounds pretty much like the best thing to do - what an all round scrumptious time you had! That dress is particularly fine!

sue said...

Happy Happy Birthday! You got some really lovely gifts and the dress is just gorgeous! The 40's arent too bad you know!

Rose Red said...

Happy Birthday lovey!! Sounds like a fabulous time (heh, we must be getting "mature" if we think a bunch of quietish things with friends are better than a huge party! tee hee).

Love love love the dress too! Very cool.

Donna (Random Knits) said...

Many happies! x

Kat said...

Happy Birthday! I love your dress too. Do you mind me asking where you got it from?

Stitch Sista said...

Awww lovely . Happy Birthday to you :). Disappointed now I didn't at least get to stop by on Sat to give you a hug and a kiss. Hope this year ahead is a great one for you!

2paw said...

Happy, happy birthday!! Love your dress and I don't think numbers really matter: you are as young as you feel inside!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Love the dress you bought.

Julia said...

Happy belated! (I never would have guessed you were 39). Sounds like a great b-day!

kms said...

oh happy happy brthday! it was my sisters 39th this week too, what a great vintage. so glad you had a great time and that dress is fantastic!

Trudi said...

I think my Mum has this record, from the days she used to ring the radio and win lots of records - before they banned her for winning all the time. I don't think we ever heard it, they never got round to buying a record player that worked.

Gracia said...

Sit back and enjoy it all, that sounds a marvelous plan. Here's to a wonderful 39th year full of all you both desire and deserve. Happy Birthday for the tail end of last month (I am running so terribly behind. I am that infamous White Rabbit, it seems.) and look forward to running into you sometime soon.

g xo