Saturday, July 10, 2010

roll on

"3 weeks?  really?  I can't believe it's been that long since I last chatted to you/blogposted/cleaned the house..."

pretty much sums up my schedule at the moment!

I recently passed my Green Star test with derby, so am now ready to bout!  We have our debut bout coming up August 28th, so training has had the intensity upped, to say the least.  I put my training schedule into my calendar and lets just say other than my derby chicks, I won't be seeing many others!  Lucky derby chicks are pretty awesome ;)

I will however, be making time to catch up with friends from near and far at the BENDIGO SHEEP AND WOOL SHOW!!  This time next week we'll be traipsing around Bendigo Showgrounds.

Although it will be about the wool (always about the wool!), for me this year will also be about the people.  I'm planning on meeting a few knitters I've "known" for years online, staying with a bunch of rowdies that I'm sure will lead me astray, and sharing it all with the wonderful women from my local knitting group.  The Saturday is our usual meet-up day, so although we are all coming to Bendigo we think we might do our usual meet-up lunch up there,  and I'm really looking forward to checking out the indie-dyers stalls the most, seeing what treasures I can pick up

and in a little aside, we recently had a bunch of VRDL skaters join us at training due to their training space being taken over by school holidays, and during cool down I heard a voice say "Are you Kylie?"  Now, no-one at training calls me Kylie - it's Sadie all the way - so I'm thinking, who is this?  Turns out it was Nell (perfectday on Rav) who has been a Rav friend for ages and long-time reader of this blog.  Small world :)  Lovely to meet you in person, Nell, and hope to skate again with you soon!

Finally, there has been knitting (phew, they say...about time!)

Lily has been patiently waiting for a new cardigan.  patiently, like 3 years patiently, poor babe.
I cast on this for her a couple of weeks ago
It's the Garter Yoke cardigan from Knit 1.  I saw a few projects popping up that used Noro or something similar on the yoke and thought it was a pretty effect, especially for a young girl.  And I had Noro in my stash, which was even better!

I love the way the Noro looks in garter stitch, and thankfully there were none of the notorious Noro-knots to spoil the stripe sequence.

The body is Pear Tree 12ply and it's the third incarnation for this yarn.  I just haven't been happy with the projects I've used it for - the last one was my Loppem.  I just was never 100% happy with it; the hem was too swingy and the sleeves sat out at a weird, perky angle.  On top of that, it was too short and boxy to be flattering on me.

It's too good a yarn to leave sitting in the cupboard as an unwearable, so one night I patiently ripped it all back.  Thankfully the yarn has held up reasonably well, but I don't think I could do it another time.  It's very "feltable" yarn, and I would fear it would turn to a matted mess should it have to endure knitting and frogging another time!

That also got me to thinking, though.  How many other garments are sitting in cupboards, never worn because the sleeve is too long, or the neckline gapes?  What do we do with them?  Some of mine, the are great garments but just not really me?  I loved knitting them, but not wearing them.  Do I rip them out and re-use the yarn? (Can I be bothered?!)  Do I give them away? What if I offer them and people feel obliged but don't really want them?  or worse, say outright - no thanks?!

What do you all do with your unworn knits?


2paw said...

Happy skating and well done on your Green Star!!
The Noro is perfect for the yoke of the cardi, and I am glad you found a use for your poor Pear Tree wool!!

Tara said...

Wheeee! Green star, go you, you good thing!

As for unworn knits - if I don't wear them for whatever reason, I think long and hard about people who have been complimentary about them when I have worn them in the past or put them on the blog or whatever - and I give them away. There's been a few I never even got the chance to wear more than once or twice before I thought of someone they would look great on (much better than me anyways) and I gave them away.
I feel no guilt or remorse over this, I just want them to go to loved homes!

Emma said...

Congratulations on getting your green star!
I like your idea of using Noro for the yoke, it looks great in garter stitch.

For unworn knits, I try to work out why they're unworn, or not worn often. Sometimes it just needs a wee bit of minor adjustment (I recently redid the button bands on a cardi I never wear, and now I wear it a lot). If there's something funamentally wrong, then I'll frog it and reuse the yarn. No point having perfectly good yarn in a garment I don't like, filling precious space in my wardrobe!

Rachael said...

Ahhhh firstly yay you for getting ready for a bout.

Unfortunatley Bendigo is looking unlikely for me this year, I'm sad to miss it, but just have too much on this month.

I actually donate my unworn knits to charity - and am hopeful someone will see some value in them!

knitabulous said...

Unworn knits - I don't give em away, I just pile them up in plastic tubs like stash. Sometimes I re-use the yarn, but very rarely ..It's a shame really...

Leonie said...

As I have only just finished the first me sized cardy I don't have any unworn knits, so can't help you there.
Great job getting your green star, such wonderful recognition of all your hard work.
Bendigo here we come......hoping to find lots of yummy yarn....shouldn't be too hard!!

Bells said...

my unworn knits tend to be things I made a long time ago that have not been worn recently. I tend to wear stuff I make out of sheer bloody mindedness and when my love for them passes, they go to charity, unless it was a sentimental favourite in which case, just stored.

CAn't wait to see you!

Sue said...

Congrats on the Green Star! You must love your skates. I used to roller skate but I think it would be a bit scary to do it now, lol! Your daughter's cardigan looks beautiful with the Noro as the yolk. I never knit myself anything apart from socks, scarves and hats now until I lose my unwanted spare tyre. If I knit something that doesnt fit right my sister gladly takes it off my hands for me!

Rose Red said...

Green Star! Look forward to a full report on your first bout!

I haven't worn my Loppem yet...I hope I do wear it, even though it has similar issues to your late Loppem...

I'll miss seeing you at Bendi! Maybe next year?

Donyale said...

house of rowdies....neva! ;)

Susan L (lily40au) said...

so much happening at your house. i can't wait to see you at bendigo too and i hope we still get to see you saturdays and hear allyour derby news.

DrK said...

hmmm i am thinking of ripping at least two unwearables. i am trying to be philosophical and see them as learning experiences. huge congrats on the star, you awesome derby chick!