Saturday, September 04, 2010

stash diving

I'm loving my stash silly at the moment, so when I had to knit up a quick little baby gift for one of the girls at work this week, I went shopping in the stash cupboard.

I'm also enjoying combining yarns to see how they play out as knitted fabric.  I wanted roughly an 8ply in a relatively gender-neutral variegated colourway.  The multi is angora bunny from ixchel - on its own perhaps a little too pink?  but adding the semi solid grass green (unbanded, not sure??) seems to have broken it up a bit more to my liking.  then again, I'm not adverse to baby boys in touches of pink, particularly bright magenta pink.  That could just be me!

The green seems like a 4ply wool/nylon blend from the touch, and it helps balance out the fluffy bunny fibres - although there is still that lovely angora halo and softness.

and there's enough left over for booties!

in non-knitting escapades - our first derby bout was last Saturday night!  and the knitters were well represented, with Wired for Fibre, stitchsista and TrainknitterinOz from the local crew, plus a surprise appearance from the Bendigo group - The Huff and Fiesty Wench well and truly thrilling me by driving over 2hrs both ways to be there!! thank you gorgeous ones!

and, to top it all off - perfect day (or Lucky Day as she's known on the track) was a guest skater on my team, coming over from VRDL for the night :D

it was made even more delicious by my team winning - go Charmers!!!!!

you can check out photos here, and footage here


Goes by the name of Anna said...

Hurrah - I love stash-diving! And that's a very cute hat!

Rose Red said...

I think the green goes perfectly with the variegated yarn - not to mention your knitting needles! Nice work on the stash diving!

And go you on the skates! How exciting!

2paw said...

It is a perfect hat, I love the green of course but it goes wonderfully well with the variegated and the hat is so cute!!
Hurray for skating!!!

Huff said...

Yay! It was well worth the drive to see such an awesome bout!

Susan L (lily40au) said...

great finds from your stash ... i don't mind boys in pink either but the green you found is my favourite. that little hat is so cute; i'll have to get the pattern from you. see you next month at lunch.

Donyale said...

Waaaah - would have driven the 10 hours down and 10 hours back if I could have. Spesh to catch up with those chicks.

Hope your ta-ta's didn't freeze in your cherry halter....

DrK said...

great combination of colours! and a totally awesome end result. so glad the derby thing is keeping you busy and happy!

Grand Purl Baa said...

yummy yummy colours
Lucky girlfriend.
Lucky girlfriend's baby.
Hooray for stashes.