Friday, October 01, 2010

Blocktoberfest! (aka shameless cross-promotion)

the South Sea Roller Derby wenches serve up bout excitement by the steinful!

After a strong start, the girls and guys of South Sea Roller Derby league are ready to celebrate – in the most spectacular way they know how. Get ready for BLOCKTOBERFEST, a festival of blocks, knocks, and the best roller derby you can jam into a Saturday night! Pack up the Volkswagen and take the autobahn to Keysborough, as BLOCKTOBERFEST gives the determined Dolly Rogers a chance to even the score againt first-time victors the Cutthroat Charmers, in a germanic grudge-match to slake the biggest derby thirst. It’s a blitzkreig of derby delights – get ready for SSRD fear wenches to do their wurst!


In August, more than 1000 Victorians embraced derby south-east style, packing into Springers Leisure Centre for the first ever SSRD bout. And they got more than they bargained for – a spectacular 2-point victory by the Cutthroat Charmers, in a hard-fought and hard-hitting spectacle.

In bout one, Charmers Harmin’ Miranda and the Red Baroness starred on the jammer line, and Inkabelle and Sailor Mouth Sadie were a wall of strength – but there was no shortage of high-voltage style from Dollys Van Haley, Nurse Pain, and Sugar Me Sweet. The ladies in red are raring to take the title back - and the Charmers will stop at nothing to continue their purple patch.

And look out for some bright new faces! Skaters from BRDL and VRDL starred alongside SSRD’s best for the first bout – in October, a new crop of South Sea girls will be strapping on the skates, as the baby league begins to grow up.

And while the SSRD girls love their bloodsports, but they’ve got more than violence on their minds. This month’s high-energy, highly violent bout will raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Organisation, with $1 from each ticket to be donated.

When: Saturday, October 16, from doors at 7pm for 8pm start
Where: Springers Leisure Centre, 400 Cheltenham Rd, Keysborough
Who: All ages welcome, alcohol available for 18+
Cost: $10 per person, children $5, under-5s free - tickets on the door, at Hellbound Tattoos, or online


Stay tuned as SSRD’s 2010 season continues – doing it interleague style on November 13: SSRD vs Ballarat Roller Derby League.

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Donyale said...

I'll be there Sailor Mouth with skates on...well. Virtual skates...