Thursday, January 20, 2011

how to train one's three easy steps

knit it, frog it, then knit it once more


In other news, I am desperate to cast on this bit of lovely -  for someone just as, if not more, lovely. 
Ixchel laceweight cashmere/merino, colourway "Zen"

It's secret knitting...shhhh! so this is all you will see of it until, oh...March?

no more clues :P


Rose Red said...

mmm, such lovely yarns, both of them.

Bells said...

Total yarn porn post! Yay you. You battled bravely!

knitabulous said...

Good decision. They look great too. Brava.

Ruby Girl said...

very nice, patterns looks great in those colours.

TinkingBell said...

Oh I am so tempted by the Socks - really pretty!

Trying (slowly) to catch up on blogs! Happy new year!

louise said...

Looks like all your extra effort paid off. Now they are the most fantastic socks ever! xolj