Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 baby knitting has begun!

so, on December 27th I had finally finished knitting all my 2010 baby knits, and was calling for a break in 2011…

by Jan 23rd 2011,  I already had 6 babies due to arrive this year, oh lordy!  I do love knitting for them though, so I guess it’s hey ho, here we go!

This one is for a bub due in the next week or so.  I've made a 3-6m size cardigan, using Bendigo Classic 5ply (Ruby?)  The colour is a  bit deeper and more blue-based in real life, but I love this Hipstamatic photo of it!  plus my regular camera is having technical meltdowns at the moment, so the phone camera is all I am stuck with..

I'm also really pleased with the sizing of this garment, which is probably closer to 6m than 3m.  Should work well, just in case the weather in Melbourne decides to heat up again.  Hey, it could happen!!

Pattern specs: garter yoke baby cardi by Jennifer Hoel (free)

wool: Bendigo Classic 5ply crepe; colourway: Ruby, I think
sticks: 3.75
The pattern is classic top-down garter yoke, which I think is so practical for little babies.  Of course, I also love love love no seaming at the end, just a couple of ends to weave in.  This is a long sleeve version, which could easily be adaptable to short sleeves, or patterned body?

now...onto Baby knit #2 - April/May, I think the next one is?


Sue said...

What a lot of babies you have to knit for. I love the little cardi, it looks so cute. You never know what the weather will be lately do you.

Rose Red said...

It's a great little cardi! And yes, can definitely speak from experience that a raglan cardi is a most practical item for a little person!

louise said...

Not sure if my last comment worked... if not, it was along the lines of gorgeous knitting! Lucky babies! xoxolj