Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ooh, the ides of March!

beware, as they say...

I have always known of this saying, but I went investigating for the origin last night...I really like learning about how sayings become part of the venacular.  Beware the Ides of March has always sounded so ominous.

I was reminded of this one mainly because I'm having a crappy week on a technology level (which someone else has already pointed out may have more to do with Mars in retrograde, but I don't think that is happening at present?)

My computer seems to be on permanent go-slow at the moment - I do not know what it's problem is?  It is taking forever to load pages, and seems always trying to catch up with what I'm typing, then iTunes has started opening with a spooky poltergeist-like persistence all by itself, and finally, my email keeps crashing??

on top of that, my camera dock has decided it's had enough, so I have a perfectly fine camera that I cannot charge, as the dock is also my battery charger.  So I'm still stuck with my phone camera :(

it's making blogging and other computer work very frustrating, I have to say!


2paw said...

Yes, beware indeed. His wife told him not to go, but he just wouldn't listen. I am also experiencing slight technology disruptions, but that's just because I am hopeless!!!

louise said...

Sad computer, sad camera, sad you. All sounds a bit crappy. I hope you're able to fix all your technology very soon so you can :) again. xolj