Sunday, March 13, 2011

said the magpie to the morning..

Finally; some sun!

After what has seemed like a non-summer in Melbourne, this week just past has seen some lovely sunny days bestowed upon us - kind of like a fond farewell...

Many times this week I have had the words of Neko Case drifting through my mind...  don't let this fading summer pass you by...

even though, of course, Summer has indeed passed us by and we now look Autumn squarely in the face...

I love Autumn.  A time for afternoon sunlight streaming in loungeroom windows, just before the slight chill of the evening calls for a cardigan and a hot drink.  I always feel there is a "softness" to Autumn; a gentleness that belies the Winter chill still to come.  It's in the breeze, I do believe ;)

So, in preparation, I have been finishing off all those short sleeved cardigans lying around so I can make way on the needles for some Winter woollies!

Lily's rainbow yoke cardigan has been hanging around my to-do basket for so long I am almost embarrassed to blog about it!  I finally sewed the buttons on this morning.  I don't know that they would have been my choice - they are quite acid green IRL, however she is most pleased with her choice, and that is really all that matters, isn't it?  
My Cherry Bomb cardigan, which I boldly proclaimed would be finished by {ahem}...January (what was I thinking???)  is finally just about done.  The colour is really, really hard to photograph, but it is a lot more cherry red than the orangey-red you see here.

I am thrilled with the navy bands, too!  I had a vision in my head of how the contrast would look, but I wasn't 100% certain it would translate.  I should not have worried, because I think it's worked out exactly as I had imagined.  The bands add just enough retro-twist to the wool, which in itself is quite old-fashioned.

Now, my hardest decision is going to be buttons. I tried a few stash buttons, but I'm not sure any of them are exactly what I'm after.  The red ones above are a bit too orange-red, and the square white square ones are maybe a bit harsh?

I found this one - it's actually off some sailor shorts of mine and needs to be sewn back on (are you sensing a thread of "things kgirl needs to do"??) and although it's black, I know I can get them in navy too.  It's just going to be expensive because I'll need to buy the sailor shorts the buttons are attached to!

which wouldn't be such a BAD thing, seeings how cute-as-apples those shorts are ;)


Rose Red said...

I hadn't realised the white buttons were stunt buttons, because I was going to say I really liked the contrast...although I liked the red ones too, and the black/navy ones...hmmm, I think you need to buy those sailor shorts!!

Sue said...

The knits both look fantastic. Have fun choosing buttons - I particularly like the red ones!

Bells said...

oh your vision is lovely - as is your description of autumn. Autumn is the best possible time of the year - you're right about the light. I can't imagine a better time.

Leonie said...

Autumn is my favourite time of year as well. The crisp mornings, the warm afternoons, the clear skies. It's all gorgeous.

As are your hand knits. Beautiful stuff.