Friday, September 02, 2011

Baby #5 and a knitting quiz

So, I returned to work this Wednesday which has been great.  Even though it is still a physical challenge to get from A to B, I was mentally ready to start getting back to my normal routing.  Work have been fantastic, allowing me to ease back in on half days - huzzah!

My enforced knitting time was maybe not as productive as I had hoped, but I do have one finished project to report.

Baby #5's cardigan has been completed and mailed off this week.  I ended up doing a short sleeve version, because when I looked at the size it was knitting up in, I doubt it will fit this babe until Autumn 2012.

I'm overall very happy with it - the colours work well together and I added a picot edge to the hem.  Simple, yet effective.

I'm halfway through the second sock of Mum's Gratitude socks.  She is heading home this weekend, after spending 5 weeks (some longer than others, for both of us!) looking after me.  I was really hoping to have them finished by this date, but they will get done quickly from this point, I imagine.

and I have only half the collar and the i-cord trim left on my of course I have not touched it in weeks!  


I intend to knuckle down this coming week and see if I can finish both projects - don't wish me luck; wish me FOCUS :)

As promised, a little knitting quiz to finish on....
What knitted socks was I wearing to make this pattern on my puffy foot, hmmm??


Tara said...


Rose Red said...

Hello puffy foot! Nutkins, maybe?

The little cardi is very cute. Nice colours together!

Leonie said...

They'd be your Marlene's wouldn't they? Nice imprint :-)
Congrats on the return to work, that would help the brain to be a bit more settled. Hope the healing is continuing nicely. Enjoy the sun today :-)

DrK said...

whatever they are, they're very pretty obviously! and yay for being back at work, but also boo, if you know what i mean. im sure work is better than the stir crazy though. i love picot hems, that looks too cute.

2paw said...

Such a beautiful cardigan!! It must be great easing yourself back into work, work must be kind???