Monday, September 05, 2011

Finish or frog?

So, my local knitting group (Bayside Knitters on Ravelry) is having a bit of a discussion on long-term UFO's at the moment. There's sort of an unwritten motivation to have these finished by the end of the year. 

My biggest UFO is my Couch Potato ripple rug. It's a crochet ripple rug that I intend to be large enough to hang over the back of my 3-seater couch once finished, and I'm making it in shades of blues and browns and greys.  I actually had to look up on Ravelry when I started the project.  DECEMBER 2008!!

In my defense, I have not worked solidly on this project during that time.  I have little flurries of activity on it, followed by months and months of completely ignoring its existence.  I'm sure psychologists would have a field day on the whys and wherefores of that analogous behaviour, but it is what it is. 

My beast.

Here is the current progress on it.  I anticipate I am around the halfway mark, judging by measuring it against another rug of similar finished proportions.  I can't even really say I love the colours still.  There is a lot more red in my loungeroom than when I started this project, and the brown/grey juxtopostion that I so dearly loved 3 years ago now seems a little old, perhaps?

So, do I push forward?  Or do I call it a day and frog??  Can I really frog?  Will my brain and heart allow all those hours of work to go to waste?  Even if I don't end up loving the finished project, someone will and I could always give it aways, I guess.  I"m going to make a solid commitment to having it finished by the end of the year, I think.  Just as it is bad feng shui to have dead flowers and plants in your house, I am coming to believe that its bad juju to have UFO's hiding in corners of the knitting basket for more than 3 years. 

Perhaps 3 years is the deadline for finish or frog??

It's time to clear the decks!


Leonie said...

Do you have something else to do with the yarn? If not, keep going, but only when you can be bothered

Rose Red said...

Well, I think you know what I will say, heh! I vote finish it! (I quite like the colours, the pop of blue is very nice! And it's so Missoni!)

If it makes you feel better, I have a clapotis (in lace weight!!) that I started In 2007...and it's only about 1/4 done.

Julia said...

Finish! I agree it looks very Missoni. I totally understand how project that large can get boring. I also have a crochet blanket I fear I may never finish, and yes, for some reason it makes me feel guilty to see it lying around. You've inspired me to pick it up tonight!

Drewzel said...

I love it...and you've come too far to pull it out now!

sharon71 said...

You could always give it away?

I'd probably frog it though, there are too many other projects I'd rather be doing.

DrK said...

i think three years is frogging time. i hate frogging more than anything, but i do think if its gone off the boil and youre not keen on the colours anymore, than thats telling you something. on the other hand, maybe its nice to just have this thing that you come back to. as leonie said, what else you going to do with it?!

Reckless Glue said...

FINISH! It's goregous, you will be happy with it in the end! (and just think of all the yarn it will use u..!)

kate said...

I'd call it a baby blankie and cast off. Then you don't need to finish or frog, and you can give it away to someone who'll love the colours.

2paw said...

Perhaps it could be a lap blanket?? I think it is such a shame to unravel all that work, I love the chevron ripply style. Maybe it is the thought of soldiering on that dims its charm??

cseneque said...

Would you use it/ be able to give it away at its current size? As others have said, a baby or lap blanket? If it won't suit your current lounge room, I'd be tempted to either give it away or frog. No guilt! It's only craft, after all.

Ping said...

If you enjoy working on it and it hasn't languished completely since 2008, it might not be time to contemplate frogging just yet.

Could you cast off (not sure what the crochet equivalent is!) sooner for a smaller blanket? If it's a useable shape, perhaps it could be a lap rug? It would make a great gift, if you could bear to give it away. If you can't bring yourself to part with it, it's a sign you should finish it, I reckon.