Saturday, October 15, 2011

bargain or bomb-out?

Anyone who knows me will attest; I do love a good bargain.  Op-shops are my favourite haunts, and I have found MANY bargains with craft and knitting materials over the years.  (16 skeins of a cashmere-blend was one memorable find!)

This particular bargain bag of wool was so pretty, with it's mermaid shades of blues and greens, that I simply could not leave it behind, and at $2.99 for 240g, the price was right.

or was it??

The weight and ply of this yarn suggests it's between a DK and an Aran, and there is probably only enough meterage for a small kercheif or cowl. 

It is, however, the itchiest, scratchy yarn I have ever encountered.  I did the old test of tying a strand around my neck to see if a cowl were at all possible, and I could not even bear it long enough to tie it on.

So, bargain or bomb-out?  What else can anyone suggest to use this for??  The only thing I can think is a beanie, but use a a softer merino in coordinating colour for the band, but it's not really something I want or need.


Rose Red said...

It is a pretty colour...would it felt? Perhaps it would make a nice bag?

But if you don't find a good use for it, I don't think $3 is a huge price to pay for it, I guess?

Emma said...

Felting was my first thought too, maybe it'd be less itchy that way? If it is feltable, maybe it could work as a felted bowl or coasters, or something that isn't worn?

It really is a pretty colour.

Psyche Knits said...

You could always make toys out of it. My fave is the stand by octopus by hansi. Did you try washing a test swatch to see if it gets softer after being washed?