Friday, October 07, 2011

(almost) instant gratification

two super quick little knits on the needles this week, because I am craving some instant gratification at the moment. 

"Speer Cap" from Knitscene Fall 2011, in some deep-stash Wired for Fibre 10ply merino.  I can't remember the colourway, but I have a feeling it was "Heaven"?  Not sure in who's wardrobe this cap will end up, but it was such an enjoyable knit, and the wool is a treat to work with - so soft!

The second project fro the week was a pair of Toast, by Leslie Friend, for my girl.  She *loves* her armwarmers and wristwarmers, and has been bugging me for a red pair for a while now.  Again, using some deep-stash up; this is Bendigo Rustic 8ply in Redcurrant.

The cap took 3 days and the armwarmers took 2 - how's that for near-instant gratification?!


2paw said...

They're both lovely and I am happy to see that hat knitted up. I have that book and I must have glossed over it!!

WildflowerWool said...

I have that magazine. I will have to look up that hat pattern. Yay, for two finished projects!!

Rose Red said...

Both super cute projects!

DrK said...

very nice work! great colours, both of them. i am absolutely determined to get some wrist warmers done in time for next winter, considering all the cool kids are wearing them!

Bells said...

superb! The pattern on the hat is so striking!

Arm warmers - well the haven't been on my radar before but I can certainly see some value - I am going to have to rethink the lack of them!