Monday, October 03, 2011

Road trip

My SnB group went on a road trip to Sassafrass last Saturday, to check out the Sassafrass Wool Store, but also to get out of our usual haunt and have a bit of fun.

We possibly could not have picked a worse day for it - heavy rain and fog for the majority of the day - however we all seemed to have a great time despite the weather.  A couple of newer members joined us, which was lovely, and I had an awesome time driving up the mountain, chatting all the way (and concentrating on the road, promise!)

After a quick coffee at Ripe, we headed into our main destination - the wool shop.

I bought some wool - quelle surprise!

Some Madil Kid Seta for an Angel Puff scarf for Lily's teacher as a Christmas present...

70% mohair, 30% silk

As a lovely surprise, my car companions bought me two skeins of this gorgeous Tahki Rio in a deep red wine colourway!  I am thinking nice warm hat.

50% alpaca, 35% merino, 15% silk

Some Misti Alpaca Tonos Carnaval, colourway "Surf" for a Live Oak shawl from the latest Knitscene...

50% alpaca, 30% merino, 10% silk, 10% nylon

speaking of Knitscene, did you know you can now buy this magazine in digital version?  and for just US$7.99?? That's a lot cheaper than buying the hard copy in Australia - I think I paid nearly $14 for the latest one!

I'm thinking I will be doing that in future, much easier for storage and projects on-the-go!!


DrK said...

well that sounds (and looks) like one productive road trip! lots of wooly goodness there, making up for the rain and fog perhaps!

Rose Red said...

Oh I wish I could take a quick road trip to the Sassafras Wool Store! Yum!
And I love your crochet pin cushion too! Very very cute!

Bells said...

such delicious purchases! Well done! Made up for the bad weather I'm sure!

Emma said...

Nice haul!

Digital magazine subscriptions are awesome, aren't they? You can get issues as they come out rather than waiting ages for them to arrive at the newsagents, and there's no storage hassles... I'm definitely a convert.

cseneque said...

Ooh, thanks for the great tip about Knitscene's digital version. Off to check it out...